Moldintel specializes in smart injection manufacturing solution

TAOYUAN, Taiwan, Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Moldintel is currently an incubatee of Industry Accelerator & Incubation Center of Chung Yuan University (IAIC), which is dedicated to industry-academia collaboration and professional counseling and awarded the UBI Global Enterprise Incubator & Accelerator Best Challenge Award (2019). IAIC provides incubatees with international links and entrepreneurial resources, and all the incubatees have high potential, one example being Moldintel, which specializes in smart injection manufacturing solution.


Moldintel is a smart manufacturing solution provider for the injection molding industry which is a solution platform with multiple easy-subscription manufacturing service modules for different processing demands. Smart injection molding solution is a cloud-based molding condition guidance and optimizer which serves as a virtual master operator to empower the factory productability and systematically digitize production know-how.

In tradition, the highly labor-based processing relies on the master operator to execute factory production and even molding experience preservation. However, the retirement of the master operator and the long training process for a young operator are serious risk for not only a factory, but the whole industry. To free from the issue of talent shortage and know-how losing, the rule-based smart injection molding solution initiated by theoretical algorism with scientific molding experience to be a molding process expert system.

The solution platform, which covers the whole molding process, features the cost-saving from mold trial to the stability of mass production, and further connecting with injection molding machine as a machine brain by IoT technology to achieve the fully smart automatic injection molding process.

About Moldintel

"Moldintel" is a start-up company located in Taiwan. It is a group of R&D teams focused on advanced manufacturing technologies for injection molding. In response to the new generation of Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing wave, Moldintel have created the world’s leading cloud injection molding solution with innovative thinking. Moldintel is one of the few global suppliers dedicated to cross-brand injection molding intelligent solutions and won 2020 IAIC Best Startup Company.

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