Mocasa Hits First Milestone: Partnered with 10,000 merchants in Metro Manila

MANILA, Philippines, March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mocasa ("the Company"), the new provider of Buy Now, Pay Later service for Filipinos announced on March 18 that its platform has surpassed 10,000 merchant partnerships in Metro Manila since launching its service in January 2022. This milestone is achieved with a recent surge of interest from merchants in the food, groceries, health and beauty, mobile top-up, and other services sectors. The Company has gained tremendous traction in the buy now pay later market and cashless solutions for merchants and has received an increasing number of inquiries from merchants interested in offering their customers the ability to pay over time.

MOCASA Buy Now, Pay Later, 0% Interest.
MOCASA Buy Now, Pay Later, 0% Interest.

Mocasa App really stepped into the new normal by switching to lesser face-to-face transactions. Achieving the App’s 10,000 merchants milestone just have shown beyond doubt that Mocasa effectively shows how true the App helped individual to pull through.

Over the months, Mocasa App has released new features on its App available in Google Play Store that gives its customer the flexibility to get what they want, when they want, with more control over their budget and cash flow. Mocasa Merchants are now rolling all over Metro Manila, most merchants can be found at the heart of the Philippines specifically Manila, Quezon City and Pasig.

Merchant benefits from Mocasa’s buy-now-pay-later services because the Merchant’s customers can now pay in credit upfront and repay over time without incurring interest charges. It provides the Merchant’s customers with a streamlined, intuitive, and adaptable shopping experience. It also provides maximum flexibility and keeps the Merchant’s customers returning for more. Mocasa keeps bringing new customers to the partnered Merchants via Mocasa App, website, and paid traffic, among other channels. For all sizes of businesses. Users are free to pay their purchases on Mocasa app in online stores via the embedded Mocasa payment option; for payment that happened in-store, users can just pay by scanning the QR code over the counter.

"Mocasa will be dedicated in onboarding all kinds of daily-life scenarios, and double the merchant amount in the next quarter, so that our users can shop in Mocasa partnered merchants in every corner of Metro Manila", said Julien Chien, the COO of Mocasa, "from Q3 of 2022, Mocasa service will be available in areas outside Metro Manila when we onboarded merchants there to make every Filipino can enjoy the benefits of buying now and paying later."

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