Metaverse event held in Sichuan Tianfu New Area

CHENGDU, China, May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 2022 First Tianfu Metaverse Conference, hosted by Sichuan Tianfu International Convention and Exhibition Co and organized by the Tianfu Metaverse Industry Association, was held in the Sichuan Tianfu New Area on May 5.

A person's avatar visits the online exhibition area of the 2022 First Tianfu Metaverse Conference held on May 5
A person’s avatar visits the online exhibition area of the 2022 First Tianfu Metaverse Conference held on May 5

Representatives of domestic and foreign enterprises, associations, and government departments, as well as experts and scholars, were invited to the conference to share their insights into the future development of the metaverse, display technology and products related to the metaverse, and promote the development of the metaverse industry.

The conference was held both online and offline and displayed a new vision of the metaverse that is digital, virtual, interactive and immersive.

By using digital-twins technology, the organizers replicated a meeting hall of the Tianfu International Convention Center in a virtual venue, offering an immersive experience of an online conference.

The event also consisted of an online exhibition area to display the new technologies, new products and new applications of 19 enterprises focusing on the metaverse.

The online participants are allowed to choose their own avatar and appear at any part of the venue at any time to take part in multiple activities such as speeches and exhibitions.

During the conference, 12 metaverse research institutes were officially established under the Tianfu Metaverse Industry Association to encourage scientists, entrepreneurs and artists to explore the metaverse ecosystem and promote the implementation of the metaverse in society.

The institutes will focus on fields including conventions and exhibitions, artificial intelligence, robotics, digital art, network security, and smart living.

To further boost the development of the metaverse industry, an opportunity list was released at the conference, introducing a batch of new projects in the metaverse industry with a total investment of 1 billion yuan ($150.2 million).

Officials said the projects will help explore how to make use of the metaverse and promote the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, turning the Tianfu New Area into a national metaverse pioneer.


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