Metanoia, NKG and III Demonstrate an Interoperable 5G NR Sub-6GHz RU Solution at the O-RAN Global PlugFest 2021

HSINCHU, Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Metanoia Communications ("Metanoia") today, in collaboration with New Kinpo Group ("NKG") and Institute for Information Industry ("III"), announced participation and successful completion of all test cases during the O-RAN Global PlugFest 2021, in Taiwan, using a 5G NR Sub-6GHz RU product that was jointly developed and combines innovative technologies from these organizations.

"The collaboration between Metanoia, NKG and III allowed us to combine our strengths and develop a state-of-the-art 5G NR Sub-6Ghz RU product that was proven to be interoperable with other O-RAN ecosystem products at the PlugFest," commented Didier Boivin, Executive Vice President at Metanoia. "Metanoia contributed SoC/RF design and software development expertise which along with NKG’s industry-leading system development expertise led to the development of an optimized RU product that not only meets customer requirements but is also highly interoperable."

"We’re honored to become the ‘Alpha Site Partner’ of Metanoia, a leading ASIC solution provider for 5G NR." commented Jessica Pan, NKG Chief Marketing Officer. "By utilizing our rich system design and manufacturing experiences on RAN and wireless networking products, and by leveraging III’s participation and experiences in the development of 3GPP standards, the ASIC-based 5G NR Sub-6GHz RU product that we successfully developed not only complies with 3GPP/O-RAN specifications but meets indoor installation requirements with compact, low power design, which in turn provides our customers with the best possible O-RU product option."

The tested 4T4R RU product uses Metanoia’s MT2812 baseband processor and MT3812 RFIC. The MT2812 is a highly integrated Digital Front End which includes 3x DSP processors and 2x PowerPC processors. The MT2812 DFE also includes an integrated ADC/DAC IQ which supports 2T2R and seamlessly interfaces with Metanoia’s MT3812 RFIC. The MT3812 is a cost-effective Sub 6Ghz TDD 2×2 RF transceiver that supports up to 200 MHz Bandwidth in Transmit and Receive modes, and 400 MHz in DPD mode. It is a highly integrated multi-band programmable and self-calibrated product supporting three of the most popular bands: 2.5 GHz – 3.0 GHz (n90), 3.3 GHz – 4.2 GHz (n77), and 4.2 GHz – 5.0 GHz (n79).

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