meldCX unveils SAMi® – digitizing clean-up in public spaces with AI and computer vision

  • AI-powered system "digitizes cleaning" by generating a heat-map of touched surfaces
  • Pinpoints specific areas that need to be cleaned
  • Monitors cleaning activity by cleaning crew to help ensure compliance

MELBOURNE, Australia, Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — To help businesses meet new hygiene standards efficiently and affordably, meldCX, an enterprise software solution provider, has created SAMi® (, a new surface monitoring feature on its Viana™ vision analytics platform.

SAMi (Surface Awareness Management Intelligence) turns manual "clipboard and checklist" cleaning procedures into an efficient, digitally-driven and monitored process:

Step 1:    Cameras anonymously monitor surfaces, using AI to produce a heat-map of human contact without capturing any identifiable information
Step 2:    When critical levels are reached, a digital manifest is created and notifications sent
Step 3:    Cameras monitor cleaning activity by cleaning crew to help ensure compliance

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SAMi proactive monitoring of surfaces, by Viana™ a product of meldCX
SAMi proactive monitoring of surfaces, by Viana™ a product of meldCX


As well as helping to deliver better compliance and safety, SAMi ensures that resources aren’t wasted on unnecessary cleans, or the wrong surfaces being cleaned. Businesses can pinpoint areas that specifically need cleaning and dispatch appropriate cleanup teams accordingly.

Each room can be viewed in real-time through the SAMi dashboard, and businesses can set thresholds for individual areas. There’s also a mobile app for cleaning staff which provides exact details of an assignment, identifying specific high touch surfaces – tables, doorknobs, light switches – that need cleaning.

"Due to the impact of COVID-19, businesses and workplaces have much stricter hygiene standards to comply with. In addition to existing cleaning schedules, specific surfaces must be cleaned when they reach the clean time interval, human proximity or contact threshold. SAMi automates this, alerting businesses to exactly when and where extra cleaning is required," explains Joy Chua, EVP Strategy & Marketing, meldCX.

Increased alertness for cleaning compliance

As well as meeting regulatory requirements, the system is also important for customer trust. At least 50% of respondents surveyed by McKinsey expect stores to follow guidelines that will help keep both customers and employees safe.

"COVID-19 creates an environment where businesses have to ensure cleaning practices are adhered to and not left to chance. Using computer vision technology, SAMi is designed to help businesses reopen in a clean and safe way and have these processes automated," says Thor Turrecha, EVP SaaS, meldCX.

This solution is built in collaboration with best-of-breed technology from tech partners Intel, Microsoft and Google.

"meldCX utilizes Intel Core processors and the Intel OpenVINO toolkit in SAMi to deliver a complete and easy to use solution, enabling companies to focus on employee and customer safety. By utilizing Intel hardware and software technology, meldCX is able to simplify deep learning inference at the edge for their customers." – said Jose Avalos, Intel VP of IOTG & GM, RBHE Vertical Markets

COVID-19 solutions by meldCX

SAMi is one of a series of COVID-19 solutions by meldCX. meldCX also has a range of antimicrobial solutions for existing and new commercial devices which can be purchased through meldCX or authorized resellers (

About meldCX (

meldCX’s mission is to empower businesses to create premier customer experiences through AI and intelligent edge technologies. Its flagship product, the meldCX Core Platform, is a leading comprehensive cross-OS enterprise platform for the development of digital transformation (DT), making it simple and cost-effective for organizations to develop, deploy and manage commercial applications for IoT devices and DT initiatives. meldCX also has a line of dedicated hardware and SaaS solutions.

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