Meet Lillia, League of Legends’ Newest Champion

Lillia, an apologetic magical fawn that sends her enemies to slumber, is the newest addition to the lineup of champions in the League of Legends. She wields a branch staff, as she darts in and out of the battle.

This champion’s fortes are speed and her ability to put any foes to sleep. Another thing special about her is that she is a jungler in League.

With her as your champion, you can always start games by clearing jungles using her unique abilities. Speaking of abilities, here’s an overview of what this adorable fawn is capable of.

League of Legends Lillia Abilites

Dream-Laden Bough

  • Dream-Laden Bough is a passive ability
  • It lets her abilities apply Dream Dust, which deals a portion of the target’s maximum health as magic damage overtime

Blooming Blows

  • Lillia swings her branch in the air and blasts magic damage to nearby enemies
  • Plus it also deals true damage to those along the outer edge of the circle
  • Blooming Blows also comes with a passive component which enables her to gain stacking movement speed whenever she hits a target with a skill
  • These prances can stack up to five times

Watch Out! Eep!

  • Lillia winds up for a huge strike with her branch, dashing and damaging enemies within the are
  • Enemies at the center of the impact will receive tons of damage


  • This ability lets Lillia lob a Swirlseed that damages and slows enemies for a duration
  • Swirlseed has an infinite range. It can also fly out from across the entire map
  • So if it misses, it will continue to roll until it hits an enemy or collide with terrain

Lilting Lullaby

  • Now it’s sleepy time! This Lillia’s ability which brings her foes to sleep.
  • When Lillia casts a lullaby, all enemies afflicted by the dream dust, no matter how far away they may be, become drowsy before falling asleep for a duration of time.
  • When the enemies are awakened by damage, they will take additional damage

Do You Think Lillia is Going to be Your New Favorite?

Who’s your favorite champion? Based on her abilities, do you think Lillia will become one of your new favorites too? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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