Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management Debuts in ANZ, Singapore and Japan

Manhattan’s latest cloud-native WMS combines industry-leading functionality and state-of-the-art microservices architecture

SYDNEY, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH), the recognised leader in warehouse management software, today announced that its newest Manhattan Active®  Warehouse Management solution, the world’s first cloud-native enterprise-class warehouse management system (WMS), is now available to customers in the Australian, New Zealand, Singapore and Japanese markets.

Manhattan Active WM unifies every aspect of distribution and never needs upgrading. Composed entirely of microservices and extraordinarily elastic, Manhattan’s ground-breaking solution ushers in a new level of speed, adaptability and ease of use within distribution management. In addition to delivering a step change in accelerating the speed of innovation, this new application architecture provides an almost limitless ability to automatically scale up to meet fluctuations in demand.

A Quantum Leap in Warehouse Management Technology

"Today, we’re delighted to announce that our customers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan now have full access to our advanced warehouse management solution designed for today and tomorrow. A WMS that is always current and never needs upgrading ever again," commented Raghav Sibal, managing director, Manhattan Associates ANZ.

"Manhattan Active WM delivers a modern, mobile experience for every user, including a completely redesigned, mobile-first user interface, and unified control screens that allow management and teams to quickly visualise, diagnose and take action anywhere in the supply chain," Sibal continued.

Unify Your Supply Chain

With Manhattan Active Warehouse Management, all functions, including labour management and slotting optimisation, have been streamlined and re-engineered to create a single, unified distribution application. The solution uses machine learning to orchestrate DC automation and the human workforce to optimise the execution of work within the four walls of the DC.

The solution’s embedded warehouse execution system (WES) also coordinates the work between any combination of automation, robotics and labour, and the Manhattan Automation Network provides pre-certified integration to the industry’s most innovative DC robotics providers too.

Steve Banker, vice president of Supply Chain Management for ARC Advisory Group commented: "The cloud architecture, new user interface and significant advancements in optimisation and employee engagement are wonderful. Any one of these improvements would have been impressive. Incorporating all of these enhancements in the new release is astonishing for a product of this scope."

All New Employee Engagement

Increased expectations for fulfilment speed and volume are driving organisations to better understand and engage their workforce to differentiate and excel. Manhattan has revolutionised warehouse labour management, with a focus on providing a more individual and rewarding work experience. The company developed Manhattan Active WM based upon gamification theory and behavioural sciences. The result is a solution that helps improve employee productivity and satisfaction and reduces turnover.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"L’Oréal’s global network of fulfilment centres plays a significant role in making sure the right products reach consumers at the right time, with as little impact on the environment as possible. With Manhattan Active Warehouse Management, we have a solution that will improve our agility through the digitalisation, efficiency and productivity of our distribution centres," commented Francisco Garcia Fornaro, group supply chain director at L’Oréal.

"Manhattan Active Warehouse Management gives us a distribution solution that adapts as quickly as our customers’ needs, with frequent and easy access to the latest technologies and new features," said Miles Tedder, chief operating officer of Pet Supplies Plus. "This solution takes care of all of the system and software maintenance, allowing us to focus all our energies on serving our customers."

"Thanks to Manhattan’s cloud native warehouse management solution, we will be able to automatically manage the flow of orders through the distribution centre based on capacity and cut-off times more effectively, increasing throughput and asset utilisation in the process.  The microservices architecture that Manhattan Active WM is built on means that regular updates and innovations can be rolled out incredibly quickly, allowing us to operate a truly agile and future-proof supply chain operation," added Schelte Halma, director of logistics at Zeeman.

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