Make the Best Promise to Your Companion in 2021; Zepp Valentine’s Day Videos Released

ExerSense™ Enhanced Zepp Smartwatches with Intelligent Sports Recognition

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Zepp, a professional-grade wearable and digital health management brand, released the animated version of Measurements of Attraction, which illustrates the key indicators of attraction that can be noticed when people meet for the first time. Meanwhile, the Valentine’s Day video from Zepp, Health is the Best Promise is scheduled to go live on the official Zepp YouTube channel today.

At this time, when people will be celebrating love and romance, Zepp wants to emphasize that health is vital to a happy and fulfilling life, and that its health management thinking is beyond just technology. As Zepp continued to push OTA updates in February, the Zepp smartwatches were enhanced with the advanced ExerSenseTM sports engine, which supports more automatic recognitions.

Health Management Beyond Technology

Zepp, after 10 years of development and transformation, continues to explore and look beyond technology to identify new dimensions for personal health and wellness. In these ever-changing times, with increasingly difficult circumstances such as the global pandemic, people’s decisions and actions will differ in accordance with their evolving reactions to new challenges.

The Measurements of Attraction were originally released during the Christmas season, while the newly-created animation further illustrates the key physical indicators and behaviors that can be observed when people are attracted to each other, with the intention of emphasizing the healing power of human connections. The new Health Is the Best Promise video for the coming Valentine’s Day, presents love and devotion from Zepp’s health management perspective, with a new gift option resembling the life-long promise for love and marriage.

Animation, Measurements of Attraction; Zepp Valentine’s Day Video, Health Is the Best Promise
Animation, Measurements of Attraction; Zepp Valentine’s Day Video, Health Is the Best Promise

In 2020, Zepp transformed itself with personalized health management as its mission with series of actions to bring the concept of using technology for self-improvement and personal health management, thus to help people enjoy a more fulfilling life every day.

Zepp also brought scientific and creative wellness-centric initiatives to the public in the face of the emerging pandemic. Early in October 2020, Zepp conducted an independent Global Sleep Study survey with more than 12,000 respondents from across three continents. This study was aimed at helping people understand the key concerns, perceptions and attitudes regarding sleep in these unprecedented times. Zepp, with the World Sleep Society, revealed the feelings of real people in an effort to emphasize the importance of a good night’s sleep, and introduced the Zepp Lullaby Generator.

Developed by Zepp and creative Swedish masterminds, the Zepp Lullaby Generator can compose a personalized lullaby based on users’ sleep metrics with varied ethereal visuals. In a short amount of time, the Zepp Lullaby website ( received an overwhelming number of visits and social reposts from users. Through digital technologies, people can display this tool on a computer screen, or even transform an entire room by projecting onto larger screens and walls or ceilings.

Create your personalized lullaby now!
Create your personalized lullaby now!

ExerSense™; Zepp Smartwatches Upgraded with Intelligent Sports Recognition

Along with the refocused mind and reshaped tools, Zepp utilized new technologies on its smartwatch devices to face new challenging situations.

The Zepp E and Zepp Z, launched respectively in Q3 and Q4 2020, were upgraded in the beginning of 2021; the Zepp Z now boasts 90 sports modes, with the Zepp E reaching 87. Thanks to the advanced ExerSense™ sports engine, the Zepp Z can automatically recognize sports modes[1] including outdoor running, treadmill, walking, outdoor cycling, pool swimming, and elliptical.

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2010, Zepp was originally known as a professional sports sensors innovator and now a brand focused on personalized health management. Based on strong technical capabilities, ExerSense™ is an advanced Al recognition engine designed for human motion pattern analysis, which can match motion models in real-time by detecting data with the motion sensor and heart rate sensor on wearable devices. ExerSense™ can intelligently determine up to 22 sports modes relevant to the users, avoiding the need for manual operation and enabling users to focus on their exercise.

[1] The number of sports automatically recognized may vary according to different products.

About Zepp

Set up in Silicon Valley in 2010, Zepp is a brand focused on personalized health management. Zepp believes that using technology to manage our body’s progress will help everyone enjoy a fulfilling life. From traditional health and exercise monitoring, to analysis and early health-status warnings, Zepp is with you every moment. In 2020, Zepp unveiled the Zepp E and Zepp Z smartwatches, and the Zepp App.

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