A Thing of the Future, Now a Reality


Watches are timeless pieces of accessories that are both fashionable and efficient. This handy accessory has changed and evolved through the years. Nowadays, we have very modern designs but the futuristic quality does not stop there. The watches of today can do more than just tell the time and date but it can show updates of your social media accounts, emails and weather. Wow, so much advancement from the humble watch.

smartwatch-on hand-model

Tech giants Samsung and Apple have released smartwatches. But with phones using Android OS, your travel experience is taken up a notch because with Android you can get all the travel guides such as airplane tickets, hotel bookings and much much more. All these at the palm of your hands but rather at your wrist.


But wait, “Why should I buy such watches if I can access these in my smartphone?” You might ask. Good question but today people are want to go with the easier and more convenient way thus using a smartphone is considered bulky and could cause a lot of trouble and annoyances especially when you are out and about in the city. All these problems are eliminated when you have the smartwatch. Easy, breezy access without rummaging your bags for your phone. This is a plus especially for the busy and always in a rush people.


Going back to travel, you can never worry about losing your airplane tickets thanks to the Android wear. How is this? When you book your travel online, airlines give you a barcode, this barcode is sent to your Android watch and this will serve as your plane ticket. On top of that, you can also bring Google Maps around easier and faster. Google does not only include Maps but also weather, restaurant reservations and more updates on your favorites.


The smartwatch is a humble accessory that paves the way to multiple technological advancements. Advancements that people of the past thought that it was only a thing of the future, something we cannot reach but with the developments we have today it brings us new light and hope. There is a lot of problems in this world but we can come up with solutions. This is just the start, there is still a myriad of possibilities for the humble watch. We have to wait and see what is in store for us in the upcoming years.


Vince is a tech geek, has a passion for sharing knowledge and loves to tinker with different gadgets. Whenever he gets a new gadget he just open the box and figure out how the gadget works without reading the manual.

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