Safe and Sound: Fingerprint Scanners the Future of Mobile Security


Smartphones are small gizmos that could hold our entire life. From minimum tasks to major deal makers, our smartphones are always present in our decisions. We trust our phones so much with our schedules, contacts, messages and other valuable information that we need to make sure the quality of its security as well.

I consider my phone as a scrapbook where I document precious moments in my life such as birthdays and presentations. I am happy to share these snapshots to my family and friends. however, just like a diary, there are somethings I need to keep secret. My social media account are locked with passwords or patterns but I come to think “Is this enough? What is my complicated password’s use if an IT expert or a hacking genius can access all my valuable information in a matter of seconds?” I’m dead.

A lot of articles are all over the internet about hackers spreading sensitive data on the web or identity thieves that steal your personal info and pictures for greedy purposes. Thus, people are worried that maybe free app security may not be able to make the cut.


With all the possible ways to lock and secure your phone like pin, passwords, patterns, and face detection probably the most promising of all is the fingerprint scanner. We all know that our fingerprints are one in a million and it would be difficult to fake thus it brings us new hope that we can sleep soundly at night knowing that all our private information is safe. Although, this is fairly new it has a lot of potential. Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have a fingerprint scanners but according to Germany’s research labs, they proved that Samsung’s fingerprint scanner is not at all safe.

OnePlus, a chinese company, introduces a new device that it said to be faster than Apple’s Touch ID and safer that Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. In addition, this smartphone promises that a simple tap is all you need to unlock. We are all curious to try out all of OnePlus 2’s specifications and if it does live up to the people’s expectations. OnePlus is still about to launch the OnePlus 2 this year and so we sit and anticipate for its arrival.


Security nowadays is much more challenging however with the fast advancement of our technology there is also a more complex challenge for mobile security makers. Its a game of hide and seek for our valuable information. The internet is a dangerous place and if you want to stay away from trouble better secure your information well.


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