LifeProof Extends Sustainable Case Lineup to New iPhone 13

– LifeProof Continues to Repurpose Ocean-Based Recycled Plastic into iPhone 13 Cases –

HONG KONG, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Apple and LifeProof, share a critical dedication to sustainability. The latest iPhones are a testament to this dedication, from incorporating recycled aluminum and a end-of-life recycling program to helping reduce water impact during production. Coupled with LifeProof’s efforts to repurpose ocean-based plastics, you can feel good about your plans to upgrade to the latest device and keep it protected.

LifeProof Extends Sustainable Case Lineup to New iPhone 13
LifeProof Extends Sustainable Case Lineup to New iPhone 13

LifeProof W?KE, NËXT and SEE cases for iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, featuring recycled materials, are available now on, and a colorful assortment of waterproof FR? and FR? with MagSafe cases will be available soon.

"Similar to Apple’s commitment to reducing, reusing, and returning as much water as possible to the local environments, LifeProof is committed to preserving our oceans by innovating a durable ocean-based recycled plastic for our cases," said LifeProof CEO Jim Parke. "All LifeProof cases are now comprised of recycled plastics which has led to the repurposing of over 37,500 pounds of ocean-based recycled plastics."

W?KE was created to help address the growing problem of plastics in our oceans. This 85 percent ocean-based recycled plastic case doesn’t compromise on protection – meeting the LifeProof standard of 6.6 feet of drop protection. W?KE is available in four colors and features a sleek wave pattern.

SEE is a clear-backed case designed to shield iPhone 13 from drops. This slim single-piece case is clear to show off your device and comprised of over 50 percent recycled materials. SEE for MagSafe is a two-toned slim case designed for the perfect wireless charging connection.  

NËXT has quickly become a fan favorite and delivers fresh new colors for iPhone 13. NËXT is drop-proof up to 6.6 feet, dirt-proof and snow-proof and made from 50 percent recycled plastic.

FR? features its most streamlined design ever and is comprised of 60 percent recycled materials. With its signature waterproof protection down to 6.6 feet along with drop-proof, dirt-proof and snow-proof coverage, FR? is ready to go where you go. A built-in screen protector keeps the display scratch free and touchscreen sensitivity intact. FR? will be available soon for iPhone 13 in a variety of colors and MagSafe compatibility.

A wide array of LifeProof cases for iPhone 13 are available today. W?KE, NËXT, SEE and SEE for MagSafe are now ready on To pick up these products and for more information, visit

About LifeProof:
LifeProof was created for those who rise before dawn for a pre-work paddle out. And those who put off sleep to tighten up a new song. And those who lose all track of time because they’re lost in creating, exploring, practicing, dancing or reinventing themselves. LifeProof is there to keep the wind in their sails while they live fulltime.? 

At LifeProof, we build products that inspire individuals to get lost in the now. From independents to athletes, scenesters to world travelers, creatives to curators — free spirits everywhere turn to our cases and accessories to feed their passions because only LifeProof is made to follow you into the moment.? 

For more information, visit LIFEPROOF.ASIA. #ShowUsYourProof 


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