LG Innotek’s Quality Control Gets Recognition from a Global Premium Vehicle Maker

  • LG Innotek’s quality system has been certified by Jaguar Land Rover.
  • LG Innotek boasts quality competitiveness recognized by global companies.
  • LG Innotek will accelerate its effort to make inroads into the next-generation automotive component market.

SEOUL, South Korea, May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LG Innotek (CEO Cheol-Dong Jeong) announced on the 26th that it had received the Jaguar Land Rover Quality Certificate from the global premium vehicle maker Jaguar Land Rover.

LG Innotek’s DC-DC converter that the company supplies to Jaguar Land Rover.
LG Innotek’s DC-DC converter that the company supplies to Jaguar Land Rover.

‘Jaguar Land Rover Quality Certificate’ is a system by which supplier capability is recognized based on the quality of products and adherence to delivery schedule.

The certificate that LG Innotek received this time has a significant meaning in that the company’s quality system has been recognized by a global premium car manufacturer. Automotive components are subject to strict quality control as their quality is directly related to the safety of drivers and passengers as well as pedestrians. Jaguar Land Rover produces premium vehicles and is known to have a strict quality control standard.

LG Innotek has supplied a DC-DC converter product to Jaguar Land Rover since 2017 and has been recognized for the excellent performance and quality of its products. A DC-DC converter converts a high-voltage direct current coming from the battery to a low-voltage direct current suitable for automotive components.

This is not the first time that LG Innotek was recognized for its excellent quality in the global market. The company has been recognized for a long time for its perfect quality by major global car manufacturers and automotive component suppliers. The company received a quality excellence award four times, including 2015 and 2017-2019, from General Motors, and was selected as an excellent partner in 2015 by Continental and in 2016 by Schaeffler.

These outcomes are the result of LG Innotek’s rigorous quality innovations carried out since 2005 to achieve the goal of ‘zero quality issues’ for automotive components.

In addition, the company has actively made efforts to receive global certifications and participate in the development of relevant standards, raising the management level of its automotive component quality. The certifications and standards include CL3 of Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination (ASPICE), which is an automotive software development standard, the standardization of ISO 21448 for the development of an international autonomous driving standards SOTIF (Safety of The Intended Functionality), and the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC).

With the Jaguar Land Rover Quality Certificate, LG Innotek unshakably proved once again its quality competitiveness in the global automotive component market. It also gave a push to the automotive component business that the company is actively nurturing as a key growth engine.

This year, LG Innotek plans to accelerate its efforts to make inroads into the next-generation automotive component market, which is changing rapidly centered on electric vehicles and autonomous driving, based on its proven quality system.

The company will continue to expand its presence in the global automotive component market by improving profitability through reinforcement of the automotive component business and expanding its product portfolio.

About LG Innotek Co.,Ltd.

LG Innotek is a cutting-edge materials and components manufacturer and an affiliate of the LG group. The company’s business units include core components for mobiles, automotive, display, semiconductors, and IoT. Furthermore, the company has cooperated closely with the mobile devices, home appliances, and automotive companies, producing camera modules, automotive electronic components, wireless communication modules, and substrate materials.
LG Innotek is headquartered in Seoul, Korea and its sales subsidiaries are located in Germany, USA, Mainland China, Japan, and Taiwan with production subsidiaries in Mainland China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, and Poland. For more information, please refer to the website: www.lginnotek.com

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