Black Sesame Technologies Selects Elektrobit AUTOSAR Classic Platform for Developing High-Performance Autonomous Driving Solutions

SHANGHAI, Feb. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Black Sesame Technologies, a leading provider of autonomous driving computing chips, announced to support Elektrobit‘s AUTOSAR Classic Platform (CP) and use EB tresos in AUTOSAR CP software development on its autonomous driving platform. Elektrobit is a visionary global supplier of embedded and connected software products for the automotive industry, and the use of their technology by Black Sesame will accelerate the development of a new generation of vehicles.

Black Sesame Technologies is one of the first domestic autonomous driving chip manufacturing companies in China to utilize AUTOSAR technology. Already, Black Sesame’s A1000 series chip is able to support Elektrobit’s AUTOSAR CP, including OS, BSW, RTE, and more basic software. With cutting-edge functionality and performance capabilities, the A1000 series chip will power a generation of autonomous driving vehicles and enable smart cockpit features and functions.

David Zeng, Senior VP and CSO of Black Sesame Technologies, said, "At Black Sesame Technologies, we are committed to making intelligence for better living. Currently, we have built a complete customer empowerment system that will enable car factories to safely and quickly produce quality products from chips, algorithms, data, software, and tools. Through this cooperation with Elektrobit, we will further expand into the field of autonomous driving whilst also providing customers with a safer, more economical, and more comprehensive autonomous driving solution."

Woody Zou, Vice President and Managing Director, Elektrobit in China, said: "We are very excited to collaborate with Black Sesame Technologies, a Chinese leading autonomous driving chip company. With Elektrobit’s proven AUTOSAR-compliant software and tools that meets ISO 26262 requirements for automotive functional safety, the two companies are creating a ‘one-stop shop’ software and hardware solution. Our combined offering enables car makers and their suppliers to more efficiently and cost-effectively develop next-generation in-vehicle ECU products for safe and highly automated driving."

AUTOSAR is an open and standardized automotive software architecture that provides a standardized layer between application software and the hardware of an electronic control unit, creating a general-purpose and reusable system that can be used by any supported car makers. Elektrobit has been a premium member of the AUTOSAR consortium from its inception, and continues to be a leader in AUTOSAR education and implementation in series production projects.

Black Sesame Technologies is constantly exploring new ways to innovate. Elektrobit shares this commitment to innovation, offering customers across the entire automotive industry a wide range of safe, secure, flexible and high-performance ECU software solutions. Moving forward, Black Sesame Technologies plans to continue collaborating with Elektrobit, leveraging the expertise and capabilities of both companies to meet customer needs for advanced vehicles.

About Black Sesame Technologies

Black Sesame Technologies is a leading provider of autonomous driving computing chips, specializing in advanced R&D of high computing power chips and platforms. We provide full solutions in autonomous driving and V2X scenarios, including autonomous driving SoC design, image processing, autonomous driving computing chips with low power consumption and accurate perception as well as autonomous driving computing platforms, which enables the fast production of autonomous driving industrial-related solutions.


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