LG Display Demonstrates OLED.EX’s Evolutionary Experience at 2022 OLED Korea Conference

SEOUL, South Korea, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that Lee Hyeon-woo, Senior Vice President and Head of Life Display Business Group at LG Display, gave a keynote speech under the theme of ‘OLED, The Evolutionary Experience’ at the 2022 OLED KOREA Conference held in Korea on April 7th.

Lee Hyeon-woo, Senior VP at LG Display, delivers a keynote speech under the theme of 'OLED, The Evolutionary Experience' at the 2022 OLED Korea Conference.
Lee Hyeon-woo, Senior VP at LG Display, delivers a keynote speech under the theme of ‘OLED, The Evolutionary Experience’ at the 2022 OLED Korea Conference.

The keynote speech addressed an array of opportunities for displays in the new normal era, the technological innovation of the company’s OLED.EX technology, as well as the current status of new OLED businesses including gaming, transparent, and portable applications.

LG Display studied consumer demand for high-definition TVs and IT devices and concluded that the importance of displays is increasing for online, non-face-to-face activities reaching new heights since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With these changes, the number of OLED TV manufacturers rose to 20 last year, expanding brand diversity and confirming OLED’s role in driving demand for premium displays, as OLED TV panels now come in various sizes from 42 inches to 97 inches.

Accordingly, LG Display introduced the next-generation OLED.EX TV panel that applies deuterium and personalized algorithms to its groundbreaking organic light-emitting diode pixels to increase brightness by 30%. The company’s personalized algorithms learn individual viewing patterns based on machine learning technology, predicting the usage level of up to 33 million organic light-emitting diode pixels based on 8K OLED displays to help maintain optimal brightness and performance.

"After analyzing color distribution for the TV and OTT content consumers typically watch, we found that 70% of images featured high-brightness areas adjacent to white and rarely displayed only primary colors," the Senior VP explained. "That’s why improving near-white image quality is the most effective way of enhancing color accuracy. And by improving the brightness of OLED.EX based on LG Display’s OLED technology, we’re able to achieve a Natural Reality that expresses the truest, most natural colors on screen."

"In the case of High Dynamic Range (HDR), one of the main elements that determine image quality, OLED can accurately express the brightness required by HDR content by producing true images with infinite contrast ratio. In addition, our HDR implementation performance has been further improved by boosting brightness through EX technology," he also highlighted.

Along with its enhanced brightness, LG Display’s OLED.EX is eye-friendly due to the minimization of blue light emissions and eco-friendly since it doesn’t require a backlight unit.

Moreover, in his speech, the company’s new business areas are also highlighted to reflect changes in consumer lifestyles.

After determining that demand for personalized displays is increasing due to increased indoor and online activities since the outbreak of COVID-19, Lee said that Gaming, Transparent, and Portable OLEDs are being promoted as new business areas based on OLED.EX technology.

LG Display’s Gaming OLEDs provide maximum immersion to users with their uniquely excellent image quality and fast response speed. The company is set to mass-produce 48-inch and 42-inch OLED panels optimized for gaming this year to target the global market in earnest.

The Transparent OLED market is also expanding based on its use in various industries such as the signage, mobility, architecture, and home interior sectors. Transparent OLEDs deliver information effectively to consumers while opening up space and improving the aesthetics of interior design. LG Display plans to increase this technology’s value by developing additional sizes and improving transparency in the future.

The Portable OLED refers to a personal display, which can be used for light and thin screens and be applied to various lifestyles beyond the boundaries of space by providing excellent image quality and perfect portability for eye comfort.

"We are preparing various solutions to create new and unique experiences for consumers. We aim to provide richer user experiences that cater to different changing lifestyles," Lee Hyeon-woo said.

The 2022 OLED KOREA Conference, organized by market research agency Ubi Research, gathers top experts and leaders from all walks of life to present and discuss the current status and future strategies of the OLED industry.

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