Legal Technology Startup, LXE Develops Platform to Improve How Lawyers Communicate With Clients

Web-based platform for litigation file management, tracking and communication between law firms and their clients to launch by July 2021

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Guided by a mission of addressing the information gap and communication oversight that can happen in the handling of legal proceedings, Malaysian-based legal technology startup, LXE Theory Sdn Bhd, has developed a novel web-based platform for lawyers and clients to manage and track their litigation proceedings together in a systematic and transparent manner.

Co-founders of LXE (from left to right): Joshua Goh, Abhilaash Subramaniam, Nadia Razak
Co-founders of LXE (from left to right): Joshua Goh, Abhilaash Subramaniam, Nadia Razak

Many who have experienced being involved in a legal dispute would agree that the legal process can be overwhelmingly technical and confusing for the layman. In the fast-paced profession of heavy workloads and deadlines, the question of ‘what’s going on with my case?‘ is far too frequently exchanged between clients and their lawyers.

Speaking from their experience as litigators, LXE’s co-founders, Joshua Goh and Abhilaash Subramaniam, shared that: "clients often require a better understanding and transparency on the handling of their cases by lawyers. Without a proper record, clients may find themselves vulnerable to miscommunication, misinformation, and in certain circumstances, even exploitation."

"With LXE’s arrival, clients will be better equipped to understand and make informed decisions regarding their cases based upon the advice of their lawyers. LXE introduces a timely solution as the legal profession is driven to become increasingly digital, aiding in the advancement of Malaysia’s legal scene," they added.

In addition to the positive response from the public, LXE is quickly gaining traction from the legal fraternity. "LXE’s features improve the way lawyers communicate with their clients, whilst providing law firms with practical tools for increased efficiency, transparency and modernisation in their practice," shared Dato’ Kevin Joshua, managing partner of established KL-based law firm, Kevin & Co.

"LXE bridges the gap between busy lawyers and busier clients by seamlessly interfacing between the two. This is an exciting approach towards enhancing lawyer-client relations in line with their expectations in the post-pandemic and digital era. Well done on encouraging lawyers to keep up with the times," shared Mr. Anand Raj, partner of leading law firm, Shearn Delamore & Co.

LXE’s platform is scheduled to launch by July 2021, with beta testing and subscription commitments already secured with law firms in the Klang Valley, and ongoing early-bird incentives being offered.


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