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TAIPEI, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For the past 75 years, Tektronix has been at the forefront of the world’s greatest technological achievements, accelerating global advancements by empowering today’s leading engineers and engineering students.

The company is best known for its test and measurement devices such as oscilloscopes and signal generators since 1946. By breaking down the walls of complexity for engineers with its test and measurement solutions, Tektronix is enabling innovators to do more, accelerating global innovation. Customers rely on the company now more than ever to solve electrical design challenges, from power efficiency to compute speed, and dramatically reduce their time to market.

"Our hardware test capabilities have been our core strength since our inception," says Chuan-Shin Tan, Regional Marketing Manager, Tektronix Taiwan and ASEAN. "In recent years, we have been expanding to software and cloud services, which have really been a hit with our customers. It’s an exciting time for wireless communications as we expand into 5G and 6G solutions. Tektronix continues to be a key contributor with solutions for high speed wired communications from the data center out to edge connected devices."

More Complex Test Challenges

Engineers are designing more powerful computers that operate at increasingly high speeds yet use less battery power. In line with this, Tektronix has been developing solutions that stay ahead of those speeds to test the future of computing. That means not just advancing today’s 5G mobile networks but investing in the future of 6G as well. 

"We expect to see further explosion of the mobile market, with video and social networks driving changes throughout the communication infrastructure, and expanding demand for greater speed and data capacity," says Tan. "Tektronix plays a big role in this expansion, from the core of data networks all the way to the edge with mobile."

Creating these breakthrough technologies are the major players within the semiconductor industry, who are accelerating design and product development for both data centers and products.

"And it’s super exciting to be providing them the tools they need for this work," comments Tan. "With this expansion of connected devices and our communication infrastructure comes a major focus in the power industry around developing more technologically advanced batteries that can handle these new system demands. Our mobile devices are going to demand more advanced power management systems, which will require support from Tek’s solutions in the development of longer lasting, more reliable, and efficient batteries that don’t just power our tech needs but use less energy over time to protect our planet."

To help address the increasingly complex requirements of advances in the technology industry, Tektronix is constantly innovating to empower engineers to create and realize technological advances with ever greater ease, speed, and accuracy.

"With a commitment to instilling a curiosity for experimentation and drive for new knowledge, Tektronix has strengthened its connection with engineering schools, including a renewed effort on diversity and inclusion to attract students of different background and underserved communities to the industry, and place leading-edge equipment and software in the hands of the next generation of students at the world’s top universities," says Tan.

Leadership in T&M Industry

Tektronix has unanimously won the Best Test & Measurement of the Year award in both Taiwan and Asia divisions of the inaugural EE Awards Asia, underscoring its leadership in the test and measurement industry, and in particular its 6 Series B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope.

"The 6 Series B mixed signal oscilloscope enables engineers to see what they could not before," says Tan. "By offering a superior combination of bandwidth, sample rate, vertical resolution, low noise, and high ENOB, the 6 series B MSO provides exceptional measurements insight and confidence. With up to 10GHz of fully upgradable bandwidth and up to 50GS/s sample rate, users have better visibility of signals in high-performance designs."

Tektronix’s 6 Series B MSO delivers industry leading signal fidelity, contributing less than 51.1µV of noise at 1mV/div and 1GHz, and less than 1.39mV of noise at 50mV/div and 10GHz. It is said to be the industry’s first oscilloscope with bandwidth more than 2GHz to offer four, six, or eight channels. Each FlexChannel input can be converted into eight digital channels using a TLP058 Logic Probe for added visibility.

"We would like to thank EE Times for organizing the event and sharing the many great products that will bring new technology breakthrough for the entire industry. We are honored to be a winner and look forward to continuing contribute to the industry and with EE Times for the advancement of our future," says Tan. "Winning an EE Award for Tektronix helps showcase our expertise and pushes us to continue to improve innovation around the world. Tektronix is committed to the engineers around the world who will define the future in the technology, and receiving this award confirms we are delivering at the highest level our customers expect of us in our 75-year history."

Moving Forward

Tektronix now plays a key role in Fortive’s Precision Technologies platform, delivering patented technology to fuel high-speed data centers, wireless applications, and cloud computing. Customers rely on the company now more than ever to solve design challenges, improve productivity, and dramatically reduce time to market.

"At Tektronix, we enable the realization of new-to-world technology," explains Tan. "Looking forward to the needs of the next decade, technologists are focused on enabling new solutions in industries including healthcare, transportation, communications, and aerospace and defense. At the core is research in the area of communications to ensure future connected devices realize new use cases. This research spans wireless RF and optical communications that will power 6G networks of the 2030s to quantum communications, to ensure the security of those networks.

"Tek’s solutions can cut the test time of these measurements now that they have moved to wide band technologies in multi-channels. In addition, I’m also excited about the future of power, from battery technology to devices. It’s been a bigger part of Tek’s solution space, and we expect that it will continue to expand as we enter 2022 and beyond."


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