Lalamove delivered 150,000 pieces of supplies for 200 NGOs with the support of over 100 driver partners

Pledging to continue to support SMEs on their Road to Recovery

HONG KONG, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lalamove, a leading 24/7 on-demand delivery platform, has introduced a raft of initiatives in February to help people from all walks of life combat the fifth wave of pandemic. Since the launch of its non-government organisation support hotline, Lalamove has helped nearly 200 NGOs deliver epidemic prevention supplies to those in need. As Hong Kong begins to recover from its latest wave of COVID, Lalamove looks to support small-to-medium enterprises to come out of the pandemic stronger. To date, 170 SMEs have joined Lalamove’s "Support Our SMEs" campaign for exclusive free-of-charge promotion opportunities.

Lalamove’s Chief Operating Officer Paul Loo and Food Angel’s founder Gigi Tung delivered lunch boxes, groceries and vegetables to elderlies who live alone. Food Angel has been using Lalamove’s service to deliver food cross-district to elderlies in need.
Lalamove’s Chief Operating Officer Paul Loo and Food Angel’s founder Gigi Tung delivered lunch boxes, groceries and vegetables to elderlies who live alone. Food Angel has been using Lalamove’s service to deliver food cross-district to elderlies in need.

Delivering more than 150,000 supplies benefitting over 76,000 households

Since Lalamove announced the Hotline in the early phase of the fifth wave of the pandemic on 18 February, nearly 200 non-profit organisations have used Lalamove free logistics services. The scheme was supported by over 100 driver partners, with more than 150,000 pieces of epidemic prevention supplies delivered to over 76,000 households. Supplies include rapid test kits, surgical masks and daily necessities, which were in short supply. Beneficiaries include nursing homes, seniors living alone, low-income and single parent families, the homeless, medical staff and domestic helpers.

In addition to epidemic supplies, Lalamove also delivered class materials to students with special education needs for Caritas Hong Kong so that students can have online lessons and have fun while staying home for the "Early Summer Break". Understanding that staying home during the pandemic hasn’t been easy for the parents of SEN students, Caritas Hong Kong also entrusted Lalamove with the delivery of mental health support kits and preserved flowers, to encourage positive mental health and optimism during this difficult time.

Shing Chow, founder and CEO of Lalamove, said, "With our commitment to ‘Deliver Care’, the team at Lalamove has spared no effort in supporting SMEs and NGOs throughout these trying times. Leveraging our extensive delivery network, we hope to connect and unite the community in the fight against the pandemic by doing what we do best. We extend our sincere gratitude to our team and our driver partners who have worked tirelessly to deliver care and provide timely support to those in need so that we may come out of the pandemic stronger."

Exclusive free-of-charge promotion opportunities for 170 SMEs to help business growth

Lalamove is always dedicated to helping businesses transform and thrive. With the easing of the pandemic on the horizon, Lalamove will constantly roll out new initiatives and offers, in keeping to its commitment to help small-to-medium enterprises ride out the pandemic.

To date, 170 SMEs have benefitted from the "Support Our SMEs" campaign, designed to offer free-of-charge promotion opportunities for SMEs. The platform assists SMEs by utilising Lalamove and other online promotion channels in reaching new customers and unearthing business opportunities. It also helps SMEs grow their network, helping them connect with potential business partners.

The food and beverage industry has been heavily impacted but a lot of them have pivoted quickly and managed to transform their business with the support of Lalamove’s on-demand delivery service. After participating in Lalamove’s "Support Our SMEs" campaign, Rias Coffee Roastery Lab, which predominantly focused on its offline café business pre-pandemic, saw a 15% increase in online coffee beans sales. With a lot of us adopting work from home practice, healthy meal plan company Nosh leveraged Lalamove’s reliable and steady logistics service to help them deliver food to even remote areas of Hong Kong.

Learn more about how Lalamove is supporting the community with Deliver Care:

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