KT&G actively supports youth in Indonesia, online class fully opens in February

– Indonesia Sangsang Univ?Korean Language School, Regular online class opens this year… Support for youth competency Development

– From language courses to career development programs… Outstanding use of online channels in the Covid-19 Era

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KT&G, a global Korean company, is helping Indonesian youths develop their capabilities through various online education programs with the spread of COVID-19.

Sangsang Univ Indonesia’s online class being held
Sangsang Univ Indonesia’s online class being held

According to KT&G, KT&G Sangsang Univ and Korean Language School in Surabaya have been operating full-fledged online education programs for Indonesian youths since February.

Sangsang Univ Indonesia prepares youth career exploration & skills development programs

Sangsang Univ Indonesia has been conducting regular online classes for four weeks from February 14th. A total of 12 courses are being held, and about 2,000 young people are taking classes of their own interests. Major programs include beginner/intermediate Korean, writing, video editing, and digital marketing.

Online lecture for Beginner Korean class by KT&G Sangsang Univ's Korean Language School
Online lecture for Beginner Korean class by KT&G Sangsang Univ’s Korean Language School

In particular, Sangsang Univ operates a certain percentage of the entire class as a training course to help youth employment. Classes such as interviews, resume writing, and career development are also included in the lectures opened this February, helping Indonesian youths to improve their job skills.

The online classes prepared by Sangsang Univ in response to COVID-19 has already been well received by local youth. Last year, 12 online classes were held, and 34,000 college students participated in this process. 

In particular, the online class environment evoked a positive ripple effect to break free from the limitations of local bases. For example, in the online classes held last year, the proportion of students outside of Jakarta, where Sangsang Univ is located, reached a total of 80%.

Young talents from various regions such as Surabaya, Bandung, and Medan were given opportunities for self-development through diverse classes of Sangsang Univ based on the contactless educational environment.

Dede Rahma (Siliwangi National University, 22 years old), who participated in the Sangsang Univ online class last year, said, "I gained new experience and knowledge by taking the data management and digital marketing classes with a comfortable listening atmosphere and various class assignments." "I want to recommend it to my friends who have never experienced it because of the excellent instructors and high-quality online classes available," he added.

Korean Language School opens the regular first semester…Supporting Language skill Improvement

KT&G Sangsang Univ’s Korean Language School, located in Surabaya, With Yamandala Center, also started the regular first semester of Korean language education from February 7th.

One hundred sixteen students registered in ten classes, confirming the interest of Indonesian youth in Korean. The online class is divided into a beginner and intermediate Korean class and a conversation class and will continue for ten weeks.

Last year, the Korean Language School offered Korean language education for Indonesian youth based on a real-time online lecture environment optimized for a non-face-to-face environment. Through this, 34 classes were operated last year via the regular three semesters and special semester, and 376 students learned Korean.

In addition, in October of last year, the Korean Language School held a Korean culture festival consisting of programs such as Korean culture experience, drawing contest, and play on the occasion of Hangeul Day, the anniversary of the creation of the Korean alphabet. On this occasion, 289 young people experienced Korean culture through online channels.

Jaeyoung Cho, Chief of Global Headquarter of KT&G, said, "Based on various online classes such as job skills development and language education, we are providing education programs necessary for Indonesian youth in the face of COVID-19." "We will continue to communicate with local communities throughout Indonesia and strive to provide quality education services," he remarked.

Meanwhile, KT&G is the world’s fifth-largest tobacco company in terms of market share and sales volume. In Korea, the company has a market share of 64.6% (as of 2021), maintaining the No. 1 position in the Korean tobacco market. In addition, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, it has grown into a worldwide tobacco company by expanding its export territory to more than 120 countries.

KT&G exceeded 5 trillion won in annual sales on a consolidated basis for two consecutive years from 2020 to last year. The company is also a group company with significant business portfolios such as health functional foods, real estate, biopharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and tobacco. 

In February 2013, KT&G established PT KT&G Indonesia, a corporation responsible for direct distribution and logistics in Indonesia. Since 2016, it has been taking the lead in creating local jobs by employing about 900 new positions every year and a cumulative total of 4,800 people in Indonesia.



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