KPM Analytics Receives ICC Approval on SRC-CHOPIN 2 Analyzer

New Certification Enhances Competitive Advantage for Industry’s Only Automated SRC for Baking and Milling

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., Feb. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KPM Analytics ( is pleased to announce its SRC-CHOPIN 2 has earned approval from the ICC, the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology. The SRC-CHOPIN 2 is the baking industry’s only automated SRC (Solvent Retention Capacity) solution supporting quality control for the baking and milling industries. Receiving ICC approval is a years-long process, as data are gathered from tests conducted around the world to verify repeatable and reproducible results regardless of where tests are performed.

SRC-CHOPIN 2 Analyzer
SRC-CHOPIN 2 Analyzer

Arnaud Dubat, product and applications director for KPM Analytics’ CHOPIN product line, sees the ICC approval as critical confirmation for driving market acceptance.

"Manual SRC tests are subject to variability and potential human error," Dubat explained. "With the automated method manufacturers can raise the standard of their own products and enhance their QC reliability procedures. We consider this approval a validation that this is a serious tool for serious business."

The unit’s automation capability enhances testing reliability and makes the testing process quicker and easier. Accordingly, results from the SRC-CHOPIN 2 are 30 percent more precise and 50 percent more reproducible than traditional manual methods.

The CHOPIN line of products is known for providing the analyzing solutions millers and bakers need for their own quality analysis and control. Other analyzers that have received ICC approval include:

  • CHOPIN Technologies Alveograph Series for measuring dough properties – tenacity, extensibility, elasticity, and baking strength
  • CHOPIN Technologies Mixolab universal dough characterizer
  • CHOPIN Technologies SDmatic measuring damaged starch in flours

"We are excited to receive the approval from an internationally recognized professional organization," stated Olivier Le Brun, product and applications specialist for CHOPIN products. "The ICC approval signifies the results users receive from the SRC-CHOPIN 2 can be trusted for even the most rigorous quality control protocols."

This approval raises the reliability assurance of the SRC-CHOPIN 2. For years, current users have known that they can rely on the analyzer to provide accurate testing of their products and the products they receive from suppliers. Results have been used in internal quality control and with manufacturers looking to set their standards for pricing. Also, testing with the SRC-CHOPIN 2 can serve as the base to supplying reliable certificates that verify products have been tested on an ICC-approved machine, such as millers desiring to certify their processed flour.

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