Kovol has become the new player of the 140W GaN Charger Market

SHENZHEN, China, June 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Last year, the giant mobile company unveiled the re-imagined 16-inch laptop with a wide range of ports for advanced connectivity and exceptional battery life, which requires a 140W power adapter. Well, as we know, the latest laptop 16 original charger can only charge one device, which is not convenient for those who want to charge their mobile phone simultaneously during a business trip. To tackle this problem, the fast-charging brand Kovol recommended by ZDNet and XDA, owned by Stiger Group-the supplier to Anker, AOC, and RAVPower has wasted no time in implementing the latest Power Delivery 3.1 into their brand new 140W dual-port wall charger designed for the latest  laptop 16", which can fast charge two devices at once. Kovol has applied the newest GaN III technology to make it more portable to achieve a compact size.

Kovol 140W Wall charger image 1
Kovol 140W Wall charger image 1


Kovol 140W Wall charger image 2
Kovol 140W Wall charger image 2

Its bolstered power output takes charging to new levels. Having a 140W charging output in your arsenal means you can fully charge a 16" laptop to 100% in just 70 mins (MagSafe cable needed, not included). This much power also means this Kovol charger is well-suited to high-demand devices, such as gaming laptops. Besides, the Kovol 140W USB-C Power Adapter can top up your laptop and a phone together at high speed via a max 120W USB-C port and 18W USB-A port, no more low-battery worry for your hungry devices, while the other chargers in the market cannot quick charge two device at the same time. Additionally, this GaN III & SiC-based 2-port charger is 5% smaller than the original one-port 140W USB-C charger, which features only one port. GaN III technology provides higher efficiency and charging current while maintaining a low surface temperature. Plus, Kovol’s exclusive Q-Pulse technology provides surge protection and prevents overheating for a 100% safe charging experience. Whether it’s refueling your phone or powering high-intensity gaming, the Kovol 140W PD 3.1 wall charger can handle it all at an introductory price of $89.99.

Product Link: https://bit.ly/3OqhvGk

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