Korea B2B Market Place GobizKOREA, Up to 90% Discount Promotion is on going Now

Event will be held for two weeks (Nov. 16-29, 2020)

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Global B2B marketplace GobizKOREA is to hold ‘GobizWEEK’ promotion for 2 weeks to celebrate the end of 2020. 

GobizKOREA, to hold GobizWEEK promotion to celebrate the end of the year
GobizKOREA, to hold GobizWEEK promotion to celebrate the end of the year

GobizKorea is an online B2B marketplace managed and operated by the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency, a government subsidiary agency.

It selects exceptional products that are produced by up-and-coming Korean startups and small businesses and introduce them to international buyers. It also provides information and referral information through a trade expert if a buyer wants specific products or items.

Its most representative services are BMS (Business Matching Service) and VAP (Visitor Assistance Program). To respond to COVID-19, it is welcoming international buyers from all over the world via virtual consulting services. As a platform managed by a government agency, it is regarded to be highly reliable; and international buyers and Korean companies are reporting high satisfaction as all services are provided without fees.

During the GobizWEEK, a promotion being held over 2 weeks from Nov.16 to 29, one can receive up to 90% discounts on their order after sending inquiries for promotion-only products. There will be a diverse range of products including consumer and industrial materials from a total of 129 Korean companies selected by GobizKorea; and this will be a rare opportunity for international buyers to meet outstanding quality products at discounted price.

For this promotion, GobizKorea will also offer sample giveaway events. Each buyer may choose up to 3 sample packs from 15 types. The sample pack will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis; buyers can receive sample packs after registering their business card and filling in short information.

Detailed information about the service and promotion can be found on the website of GobizKorea.

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