KKStream Shares Their Observation On Key B2B Streaming Trends In Newly-Released APAC Streaming Industry Insight Report

Inquiry KKStream received from APAC companies grew by 22% in 2021. Businesses save an average 43% of external communication cost with KKStream’s modular streaming solution – BlendVision.

TAIPEI, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — KKStream, the APAC leading service provider of B2B streaming technology, published its 2021 2H Industry Insights Report "Streaming Applications Among APAC Companies: Trends and Case Studies" today, which is based upon its experience collaborating with major businesses to analyze the trends in B2B streaming applications and shares how different industries can grow their businesses through leveraging streaming solutions. The Report includes three case studies, introducing how key Taiwanese companies adopt streaming solutions in external communication for improved competitiveness in the wave of digital transformation, and the key factors to their success.

KKStream, the APAC leading service provider of B2B streaming technology, published its 2021 2H Industry Insights Report “Streaming Applications Among APAC Companies: Trends and Case Studies”.
KKStream, the APAC leading service provider of B2B streaming technology, published its 2021 2H Industry Insights Report “Streaming Applications Among APAC Companies: Trends and Case Studies”.

Companies benefit the most by leveraging streaming solution in Customer and Channel Relations (CR)

KKStream’s data from 2020 to 2021 shows that companies can save an average 43% in costs after switching from offline events to online streaming for external communications, with Customer and Channel Relations (CR) related communications benefiting the most. For example, live streaming a business development event online would avoid any constraints in geographic distance or venue size. By doing so, businesses can increase the frequency of communications, and significantly reduce cost and effort on venue, food and beverage, and travel expenses. KKStream also observed that companies tend to rely on streaming solutions in managing Investor Relations (IR), Customer and Channel Relations (CR), and Public Relations (PR).

Four key advantages of streaming solutions allow businesses to solve offline communication pain points, and yield greater benefits from online and hybrid events.

Based on years of experience in providing B2B streaming services, KKStream shares four popular streaming features among businesses: access management and content protection; simulive streaming; live chat and poll, and livestream replay (live to VOD). Information security is the key factor companies take into consideration when deciding a streaming solution, KKStream’s BlendVision streaming solutions offer information security features such as permission management, watermarking, and DRM content encryption technology, alleviating security concerns for business.

KKStream also discovered that 65% of companies prefer to apply simulive streaming in their live events, in which a part of the event is pre-recorded and goes through post-editing, to provide better audiovisual quality through post-production technology and create an experience comparable to offline events. 73% of companies use chatroom and polling features in their online live events, while 90% of event organizers would allow the livestream to be replayed in order to increase interaction and create The Long Tail Effect. Compared to offline events, these features allow streaming events to become more effective at driving results.

High-quality streaming solution satisfies multi-purpose communications and security demands, driving 16% YoY market growth

The pandemic overturned how companies plan and execute external communications, and expectations from their target audience have also changed. With the public becoming more familiar with the digital low touch "new normal", video streaming applications evolved from being what companies "need" to what they "must do". In 2021, KKStream witnessed 22% growth in the demands from APAC companies for streaming solutions, and expects a 16% YoY market growth until 2025 with the applications in Customer & Channel communication (CR) to grow most significantly. KKStream’s industry-leading streaming technology not only supports business needs of multi-purpose communication but also maximizes the benefits of technology with data and analytic insights gathered from audiences.

"The demand for streaming solutions from companies around the world has grown significantly since 2020," said Eric Tsai, General Manager of KKStream. "We are now seeing this trend expanding from Europe and the United States to the APAC region. Companies from APAC are also leveraging on-demand and live streaming solutions to create a variety of applications as restrictions continue for offline events. We are excited to share KKStream’s first-ever APAC streaming Industry Insight Report for companies to better understand how businesses are digitizing their communications and optimizing through data. Streaming has allowed these companies to save time and cost while gaining greater security protection and other benefits. We are glad to see that more APAC companies are using enterprise-grade video streaming solutions for their external communications to break through the constraints of space and time and reach a global audience."

As business communications enter a new era, streaming technologies can support various needs of an industry in external communications. As a result, streaming is not only relevant to the entertainment and media industries but also plays an important role in business communications. Companies in financial, technology, education, and other sectors are all leveraging video streaming to connect in new dimensions and become a leader in this fast-changing world.

To download the full report, please visit: https://www.kkstream.com/cases-insights/2021-streaming-insight-report-en/

About KKStream

Founded in 2016, KKStream is the leading provider of B2B streaming service solutions. We use cloud-based streaming, AI, and data analysis to provide enterprise customers a complete media streaming solution and professional consulting service. KKStream is a subsidiary of KKBOX GROUP and headquartered in Taipei, with R&D teams located in both Taipei and Kaohsiung, and an office in Tokyo. Our customers span across telecom operators, media companies, online events and ticketing, online education, and home fitness. Through our BlendVision solution, we offer "Streaming-as-a-Service" products that are both flexible and modular to allow companies easily implement streaming technology, and allow various industries to deliver video streaming applications in high quality. Official website: www.kkstream.com

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