Keeping Data Safe from Prying Eyes: HP Monitor Receives First TUV Rheinland Dynamic Privacy Filter Certification

TAIPEI, Sept. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Due to the increasing importance of privacy protection to people today, TUV Rheinland has followed up on the success of its exclusive Eye Comfort certification by bringing the first Dynamic Privacy Filter (DPF) certification to the market this year. An HP monitor recently became the first product in the world to pass TUV Rheinland’s DPF certification process. The certification indicates that the product’s effective electronic privacy function protects the screen against prying eyes without sacrificing readability. The integrated electronic DPF function can be enabled at will, making the purchase and installation of privacy film products unnecessary.

HP Monitor Receives First TÜV Rheinland Dynamic Privacy Filter Certification
HP Monitor Receives First TÜV Rheinland Dynamic Privacy Filter Certification


With the threat of visual hacking on business secrets, personal banking, and confidential data both in the office and at home, TUV Rheinland began developing certifications for privacy protection in 2017. While a number of well-known international brands, including 3M, have obtained certification for their privacy film products, TUV Rheinland’s newly developed DPF protection expands on this need in four main aspects: dynamic privacy, visual characteristics, reliability of privacy function, and user guide. "Dynamic" means that consumers can actively turn the privacy mode on or off. For business people and office workers concerned with privacy, or banks, government agencies, airports, and public spaces dealing with sensitive information, the user can turn on their privacy protection with the touch of a button to keep visual hackers at bay.

When the privacy function is turned on in DPF-certified products, brightness and contrast are reduced to reduce readability outside of the protected viewing angle. This helps to protect the privacy of screen contents. Certified products also provide the user with good visual characteristics, such as viewing angle, uniform brightness, and color consistency. Performance is not affected by the inclusion of the privacy function.

The HP E243p Sure View Monitor helps protect onscreen data with its integrated privacy that can be turned on and off instantly. Designed to shield sensitive content from prying eyes while keeping content clear for the primary user, the HP E243p Monitor is built with HP Sure View Gen3 technology. For instances when the user wants to collaborate or share their screen in-person, the integrated privacy screen can be turned off and back on at the touch of a button. The 23.8" diagonal Full-HD display additionally includes four-way ergonomics adjustments with HDMI, DisplayPort™, and VGA connections.

"People today now have higher expectations of privacy protection. DPF functionality will therefore become increasingly widespread," says Stanley Liu, head of the Ergonomics Technology Center, TUV Rheinland. "The DPF function of portable devices must take a number of different usage scenarios into account. If the user is on a plane, the close proximity of other people means more thought must be put into the design of the viewing angle to ensure privacy protection. Future improvements to the technology’s visual performance should offer strong market potential."

TUV Rheinland has been monitoring the impact of electronic display products on eye health, and is continuing to develop screen safety technologies. In addition to being the current leader in the number of monitor certifications issued, TUV Rheinland also operates the highest number of TCO-approved ergonomic labs in the world, and has US EPA-accredited labs as well.

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