KEENON Robotics Forges Strategic Partnership with Hyundai Robotics to Showcase at 2022 IFS

SEOUL, South Korea, March 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KEENON Robotics, the world’s leading service robotics company, has recently announced its strategic partnership with Hyundai Robotics. The pair will team up to drive autonomous transformation in multiple commercial settings in South Korea.

Keenon Robotics and Hyundai Robotics have reached strategic partnership.
Keenon Robotics and Hyundai Robotics have reached strategic partnership.

At the International Franchise Show(IFS) running from March 24 to 26 in Seoul, KEENON Robotics and Hyundai Robotics are presenting a joint display of their latest products, including KEENON’s food delivery service robots. KEENON is also showcasing the South Korea debut of its T8, an indoor delivery robot. T8 will hit the market for sale in late April.

Visitors at IFS showed great interest in Keenon T8.
Visitors at IFS showed great interest in Keenon T8.

"It is a great honor for KEENON Robotics to build a strategic partnership with Hyundai Robotics and showcase our latest endeavor at IFS. We look forward to a partnership that will bring higher efficiency robotic solutions made specifically for the local market," said Yaxin Li, Head of KEENON Robotics South Korea.

Sejin Joo, Head of Hyundai Robotics, said that Hyundai Robotics are very excited about the partnership with KEENON in commercial service robots. KEENON has developed advanced technologies in the field, making their products a leading player in the industry. "We believe that the partnership will fuel innovation in South Korea’s retail landscape, bringing autonomous transformation to its hospitality and food sectors thereby lowering labor costs," said Sejin Joo

Facing issues such as an aging population, higher labor costs and the impact of pandemic, businesses in South Korea are showing growing demand for professional service robots to automate certain dangerous, menial and time-consuming tasks. KEENON service robots are built for the digital transformation in a range of commercial settings, offering greater accuracy in navigation. They can be used in a variety of complex settings and can even navigate their way through narrow passages to reach their destination.

About Keenon Robotics

Keenon Robotics, founded in 2010, is committed to using AI technology to empower surrounding life. It is the world’s leading commercial service robot company.

Headquartered in Shanghai, Keenon Robotics has more than ten years accumulated in the field of mobile robotics. With stable, efficient and practical commercial service robots as the business core, the company offers intelligent solutions for various scenarios such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, government offices, elderly-care communities, banks and airports. Keenon robots have been deployed in more than 30 countries, serving over 10,000 customers worldwide. For more information, please visit


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