KataBox Price Announced For the Philippines

In our initial review about the Katabox we mentioned this new gadget that is set to hit the Philippine market. Today Kata revealed that the KataBox is going to be available for pre-order starting September 25, 2015. The KataBox is a gadget or device if you will, that can turn your regular TV into a SmartTV provided of course that your TV has an HDMI connection capability.

The KataBox Pre-order Price

Contained in their announcement, the KataBox is set to be sold at P2,999.00 during the pre-order period. It is not yet clear though if the price will remain as is all throughout. During the pre-order period, a free game controller will also be given as part of the package. This will allow you to have play the games you have downloaded over at Google Play.


KataBox interface #capturedbykata



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