Kata M2L|A Powerful Yet Affordable Phablet From Kata


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We’ve had the Kata M2L for quite some time now. It seems that reviewing it after unboxing is not enough to really show what the Kata M2L can do. So, we waited and used it as one of our “primary” phones. When we say primary, it means that we used the Kata M2L as our daily phone, installing the apps that we normally would use and installing our personal and business SIM cards. Yes, the Kata M2L have two SIM Card slots.


What Is The Kata M2L?

The Kata M2L actually stands for Kata M2 LTE, it is more of an upgrade of its previous version the Kata M2. This time however the Kata M2L was made to be a lot more powerful than its previous version. With an integration of the LTE capability the Kata M2L can now connect via LTE networks allowing for faster internet connectivity whereever there is an LTE signal of course!

Why is the Kata M2L a Phablet?

It is because of its sheer size, instead of the normal phone size of 5 inches display the Kata M2L is larger with a 5.5 inch display. The bigger the screen size of course the better for you to see and navigate through your apps. Although there is no standard on the screen size before a device could be considered as a phablet, it is said that the 5.5 inch display is the ideal size for screen intensive activities such as e-book reading, web browsing among others. Most phablets also comes with a stylus, unfortunately the Kata M2L doesn’t have one. Do we still consider it as a phablet? We believe so since the size is in between a smartphone and a tablet.

What Makes Kata M2L Powerful in its class?

The Kata M2L is considered a powerful phablet of its class not only because of its LTE capability, but also because of the following specifications:

The Kata M2L is powered with a 1GB RAM which allows for light multitasking activities on your device. To ensure that you have a place to store your apps, downloads, music, photos and videos, the Kata M2L comes with a 16GB storage.

On top of that the Kata M2L operates on the Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system.

The Kata M2L Camera

Never miss those moments again, the Kata M2L is equipped with a 13 megapixel rear camera and an 8 megapixel front camera. Good for either capturing a high resolution photo or capturing and sharing that epic selfie!

During our test, we encountered the Kata M2L’s timelapse capability and the results were awesome! considering that the Kata M2L is even at the affordable bracket of smartphones. We were able to capture a beautiful sunrise timelapse and the quality is not exactly excellent but it is good enough especially when you share your masterpiece via various social media platforms.

Kata M2L Battery

The device battery life is always very important because of the fact that you do not want your device to shut off while you are doing something important on your device. To compensate for the expected continuous use of the Kata M2L it is equipped with a 3000mAh battery that will surely give you longer usage of the device.

Other Kata M2L Powerful Features

What do you do with a bigger screen device and an LTE connectivity? Watch your favorite TV shows on to go of course! The Kata M2L made this possible. With video compatibility and some pre-installed TV apps you will definitely enjoy maximizing the use of your Kata M2L. Can’t watch your show because you’re IP or location is blocked? No worries! the Kata M2L also comes with a 60days Mega VPN account, making sure that you are able to watch your favorite shows anytime, anywhere.

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