Buy A Katabox On February 12, 2016 For Only P1,999


Ever since we got the chance to use the Katabox, Kata’s version of a TV box that turns your regular TV to smartTV, we never stopped using it, especially at the Techtography HQ. We can play music all day with Spotify or we can also watch our favorite movies through HOOQ and of course since its introduction in the Philippines recently, Netflix.


Own a Katabox For A Low Price

When  Kata first announced their pre-order price last year it was priced at P2,999.00 and the price increased since its introduction to the market. If you missed your chance to buy a Katabox for the low pre-order price, do not fret, because on February 12, 2016 the Katabox will be sold at a very low price of P1,999.00.


Why The Low Price on the Katabox?


The sale of the Katabox happening on February 12, 2016 is part of Kata Philippines‘ way of celebrating their newly revamped website. What’s new with their website? Well aside of course from the new design, Kata Philippines’ new website now has an online shopping capability. Which means you can now purchase any of your favorite Kata device online, no need to travel and wait for device availability. With just a few clicks you can purchase your Kata device which will be delivered to your doorsteps in a day or two! Now that is what we call convenience!


Fair Warning

The sale is only happening on February 12, 2016 so you better prepare and buy your Katabox on the said date! By this timeline that would be tomorrow! With the numerous things you can do with a Katabox you would definitely want to add this to your arsenal of devices in your collection!



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