Kata Box, Another Exciting Gadget From Kata


Kata Digital is making a buzz around the country because of their mix of high-quality gadgets matched with reasonable prices. This winner pair surely sparked curiosity among the masses, thus it is not a surprise that their smartphone products sold quickly. More than just phones and tablets, Kata Digital introduces its latest addition to their list of awesome gadgets, the Kata Box, an Android device that will take your boring television to a smart TV! Here, you can watch  your favorite Youtube videos, play games, and many more. The only passport you need to all these is an HDMI port.

Photo taken with permission from Kata Philippines Facebook Page

Kata Box Specifications

Curious on how to revolutionize their home entertainment, customers on social media are asking about the new Kata Box.  At the comment section on the Kata Philippines Facebook Page, they presented the specifications of the much-awaited Kata Box as follows: 


Excited About The Kata Box

According to Kata Digital, it’s not only cable channels that you can stream via the Kata Box. You can also play all types of media files from your flash drive, network storage, and external hard disk. Kata Box’s price is yet to be revealed, but some say it will be around USD$30-USD$40. Customers online are raving to get to know the Kata Box and so are we. Kata’s products are definitely to look out for. Thus, we can’t wait to test is out and tell you what we think about it. Review is coming soon!


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