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The Philippines is considered to be one of the countries that opened its doors to the call center industry. Every major city in the Philippines have at least one call center. This goes to show that the call center industry can now be considered as one of the main driving force of the Philippine economy, not to mention the fact that it is also one of the industries that helped solve the bulging unemployment rate in the Philippines. One of the many reasons why call center industries are popping up in the Philippines is because of the fact that the country has a lot of skillful manpower, being a country where English is a second language, it is no doubt that foreign investors see the country as a rich resource for call center agents. Unknown to others though, some small scale call centers in the Philippines are owned by Filipinos and this capability by Filipinos to set-up their own call center is because of the availability of affordable systems among which is the Cloud-based Call Center VOIP.

Cloud Telephony

One of the most affordable solution when opening a call center is the use of Cloud Telephony or Cloud Communication system rather than the conventional PABX system. Cloud communication providers such as GOautodial delivers data and voice communications system that are hosted into their servers. This type of service is considered as affordable and cost-effective because the client or subscriber only pays for the applications and services that they actually used. Maintenance is also not a problem as data and voice communications are hosted in the servers of the provider thus upkeep of such rests upon the Cloud Telephony provider, unlike when you use the traditional PABX where you need to have a dedicated team just to maintain such equipment.


GOautodial is a user friendly and full featured call center software, that provides you with Call Center VOIP or Cloud Telephony system. Its features are the following:

  1. Realtime Dashboard -with the realtime dashboard you are able to monitor what is happening at your call center. The Dashboard shows a summary of your call centers’ operations.
  2. Reports and Analytics – the reporting system “makes sense” of the raw data that the application gathered, to give you a better insight on how to increase your sales from inquiries.
  3. Intuitive Interface – GOautodial interface was developed to be user friendly. This way you do not have to conduct extensive training for your personnel and that they wouldn’t have to go through a high learning curve just to use such application.
  4. Reliable Support – even during your operation, when something bugged down in your GOautodial system, GOautodial will be glad to assist you in solving your system problem.

GOautodial Conclusion

Indeed with GOautodial you will be able to create and configure your very own call center without having to spend too much on your applications. For more info about GOautodial visit their website.


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