Kandao Obsidian Pro Wins Red Dot Award for Being the First Cinematic 12K 3D Panoramic VR Camera

SHENZHEN, China, April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kandao Technology announced Kandao Obsidian Pro, a VR-ready 12K 60FPS 360 camera created specifically for high-quality cinematic content, received a distinction in the Red Dot Award 2022 for its product design. Equipped with a nine-axis gyroscope, eight APS-C sensors, in-lens electronic aperture control and 14-stop dynamic range, it easily captures stabilized and rich details as you transition from dark to light environments. Besides video recording, having both 8K 30FPS and 6K 60FPS panoramic live streaming function, also make it become a hot pick for worldwide significant events.

Kandao Obsidian Pro the Winner of Red Dot Award 2022
Kandao Obsidian Pro the Winner of Red Dot Award 2022

The fine design and sophisticated structure of its lens is one of the most typical symbol of being a cinematic camera. The diameter of the first element of Lens glass is 10cm, while the weight of each lens is 800g. With a 14 elements 10 groups optical design, chromatic dispersion and false color are greatly reduced. High-precision multi-layer coating technology and sapphire material further reduce glare and ghosting, achieve a spectacular optical performance. Kandao took a lead in designing the VR camera with adjustable aperture and focus distance. From f2.8 to f16, 16 stops of adjustable exposure are for precisely control the depth of field and achieving motion-blur effect.

Comprehensive support software is provided as a complete VR solution. Kandao Studio is developed for easy stitching and speeding up the post-production process. Kandao Live is for real-time setting adjustment of live streaming, RTMP and SDI outputting, achieving picture-in-picture and bitrates selecting. Even more, Obsidian Pro gyroscope metadata has been integrated to Mistika VR for footages stitching, while Mistika Boutique is cooperated to offer the set of professional color grading, VFX, stereo 3D and finishing tools for VR360°.

Till now, Obsidian Pro has collected Red Dot Design Award, CES Innovation Awards, IDEA Bronze Award and Good Design BEST 100 Award. Just like the judge of Good Design Award praised, "This is an extraordinary product that caused a sensation in the optical equipment field dominated by established domestic manufacturers".

About Kandao

Kandao Technology is a high-tech enterprise, adhering to the mission of "creating distinguished imaging products, enriching human life experience", and driven by the mutual development of hardware and software, Kandao is a pioneer in the field of VR technology, Ultra-HD cameras and video conferencing cameras.

Kandao sets a record for being the first Chinese company honored by the CES Best of Innovation Awards in the digital imaging category, and the first Chinese company that won Japan Good Design Award Best 100 in the camera category. Over the years, Kandao have earned many international authoritative awards such as the CES Innovation Awards, iF Design Awards, Red Dot Design Award, IDEA Design Award, Japan Good Design Award, and German Design Award.



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