K-Beauty Brand Donginbi Launches Men’s Skincare

Donginbi expands product range focusing on men’s skincare needs and utilizes red ginseng

NEW YORK, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Premium Korean beauty skincare brand from Korea Ginseng Corp (KGC), DONGINBI, is launching an exclusive men’s skincare collection Red Ginseng Homme Power available on Amazon today. DONGINBI was created in 1899, based on internationally recognized manufacturing company Cheong Kwan Jang’s philosophy of creating Korean red ginseng for external use. Keeping in line with the brand’s original product formulations, the men’s collection utilizes red ginseng offering a number of powerful skin-enhancing benefits, such as increased firmness, elasticity and an even complexion. 

DONGINBI’s Red Ginseng Homme Power collection is designed to target skincare needs that are specific to men including intense moisturization, soft application, and a non-sticky absorbent formula. DONGINBI utilizes a powerful technology obtained from red ginseng condensation, red ginseng glucan, and red ginseng ceramide called Hydro Locking System to supply men’s skin with a stronger, deeper moisturization. Three product skus complete the launch including Red Ginseng Homme Power Deep Cleasing Foam 120mL, Red Ginseng Homme Power All-in-One Fluid, and a Red Ginseng Homme Power Moisture Balancing Set complete with five products for a complete daily and travel size set; Red Ginseng Homme Power Moisture Balancing Toner 120mL, Red Ginseng Homme Power Moisturizer Emulsion 120mL, Red Ginseng Homme Power Deep Cleasing Foam 50mL, Ginseng Homme Power Moisture Balancing 15mL, and Red Ginseng Homme Power Moisturizer Emulsion 15mL. The collection is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to soothe the skin, improve skin cell regeneration, and fight free-radical damage, which make DONGINBI’s formulations perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Referred to in Asia as the "root of immortality," DONGINBI utilizes the precious ingredient red ginseng once it has been aged six years providing the most luxurious and advanced anti-aging skincare experience in Korean skincare.  DONGINBI’s Red Ginseng Homme Power collection is available for purchase starting today at an 20% discount until 29th April. Customers can enjoy an extra 10% off with the code <DIBHOMME>. All products originally retail for $24.99$84.99.

Red Ginseng Homme Power Moisture Balancing Set – $84.99 ($59.49 launch price)

The set is for all skin types and contains Homme toner 120ml, Homme Emulsion 120ml, Homme cleansing foam 50ml, Homme Toner 15ml, and Homme Emulsion 15ml. The active ginseng ingredient promotes firmness, elasticity, and brightness. These formulas are designed to moisturize specifically men’s skin without feeling sticky.

Red Ginseng Homme Power All-in-One Fluid – $52.99 ($37.09 launch price)

Toner that leaves the skin feeling fresh right after application with a non-sticky formula and is gentle even on newly shaved skin.

Red Ginseng Homme Power Deep Cleasing Foam $24.99 ($17.49 launch price)

Face cleanser with a rich texture that leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It has a fresh fragrance and is suitable for all skin types.

For more information, please contact:
Official Site :  https://www.donginbi.com//index.php
Social Media : IG @donginbiusa
Brand Inquiry : Instagram DM or e-mail [email protected] 


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