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SHANGHAI, May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Are you still searching for the right gateway to enter the Chinese market? Are you looking to boost your sales activities and network with potential trade partners in China? Are you seeking more media exposure that costs little to nothing? The China International Import Expo (CIIE) may be just the perfect channel to help you achieve these goals.

Intelligent Industry and Information Technology Exhibition Area of the CIIE.
Intelligent Industry and Information Technology Exhibition Area of the CIIE.

What is CIIE? The CIIE is the world’s largest import expo and one of the top 10 business shows in the world. It is evolving to be a must-attend event for multinationals in every November in Shanghai.

Why attend it? Firstly, its scale and breadth of industries. Last year, it covered 360,000 square meters, or about the size of 70 football fields. Secondly, high-quality participants and exhibits. 10,000 exhibitors attended the first three editions, including many Global Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders. More than 1,300 products and services have made their global or Chinese debuts over the past three expos. Thirdly, opportunities to meet purchasers, land new projects and enter the Chinese market. Some 1.3 million Chinese buyers attended the first three editions. Over the past three expos, deals were signed worth more than $200 billion. Following these deals, a total of 319 projects from the first two expos, backed by foreign investment worth $15 billion, have been initiated and successfully launched in China. Fourthly, free media exposure. At CIIE, participants can promote their brands and gain media exposure, with global media outlets attending each year to report on the latest trends, products and innovations being shown at the fair. In the first three editions, more than 10,000 journalists covered the expo.

Intelligent Industry and Information Technology Exhibition Area in focus. Among the different segments at CIIE, the Intelligent Industry Information Technology Exhibition Area is one of the most important stages for manufacturing firms to showcase their latest products and technology. To manufacturing firms still wondering if you should take part in the CIIE, come see for yourself the companies that have already signed up for the fourth CIIE. You can also network with them and seek potential cooperation in advance.

Click on the following links to check out who they are!

List of first batch of exhibitors for 4th CIIE:

List of second batch of exhibitors for 4th CIIE:

List of third batch of exhibitors for 4th CIIE:

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