JinkoSolar Donated 500kWp Solar Modules Transported by the CMA CGM Group to the Philippines Red Cross

SHANGHAI, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today announced that JinkoSolar joined hands with CMA CGM, a world leader in shipping and logistics, to donate 500kWp Solar Modules to the Philippines Red Cross for disaster relief of Typhoon Rai. More than 3 million residents have been directly affected by the disaster. The purpose of the donation is to help restore power for the affected local communities using renewable energy. 

Upon learning about the power outage in the Philippines and that power restoration would take several months, JinkoSolar decided to donate 1080 pieces of 455Wp solar modules to the Philippines Red Cross by tapping on the shipping and logistics services provided free of charge by the CMA CGM Group, which equals to around 500kWp solar systems and can generate approximate 754,000 kWh electricity a year and will save more than USD 171,912 according to local electricity price. The system will consistently generate renewable energy in more than 25 years. Apart from the economic aspect, the solar power system will also reduce over 326,176 kg of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) per year, which is also equivalent to 5,393 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

As a globalized solar company, JinkoSolar has established comprehensive local networks in the Philippines. With plenty of online and offline training, webinars, and exhibition events, JinkoSolar consistently exploring innovative ways to create value into market education of solar energy. In 2021, Jinkosolar has accounted for over 40% market share in commercial and industrial rooftop projects locally. JinkoSolar has committed to optimizing the energy portfolio and taking responsibility for enabling a sustainable future to support and push the development of renewable energy in the Philippines.

The CMA CGM Group has always considered its economic performance to be indissociable from its social and environmental performance. In line with its commitment to support populations affected by the typhoon, the CMA CGM Group is joining forces with JinkoSolar and leveraging its shipping and logistics expertise through subsidiaries CEVA and CNC to transport the solar modules from Qingdao to Cebu, Philippines.

As a world leader in shipping and logistics aiming to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2050, the CMA CGM Group also shares its commitment to leading the energy transition with JinkoSolar, making this joint effort especially relevant.

Both JinkoSolar and CMA CGM share the same corporate social responsibility and focus on social and environmental performance, which leads to a valued and trusted partner to support global renewable energy development.



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