J L Stream launches a ‘Made in India’ Social LIVE streaming app

MUMBAI, India, March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With over 680 million active internet users and 450 million social network users, India has one of the lowest-priced data in the world. This second largest online market is fast growing to be one of the largest consumers of content globally. J L Stream is promoted by Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra, entrepreneur Raj Kundra along with an advisory board of industry visionaries like Raj Nayak – former chief of Viacom, Bunty Bahl – CEO at ITW Playworx Media & Entertainment & Nandan Jha – former COO Ease My Trip. J L stands for Jaldi Live – a social LIVE streaming mobile app that gives users an opportunity to stream their talent, get discovered, chat & earn.


J L Stream launches globally. Discover. Chat. Earn.
J L Stream launches globally. Discover. Chat. Earn.


The app has a unique feature called K.I.S.S. that stands for ‘Keep It Simple Streamer’ & gives an option to the users to share a short video of their talent along with their introduction to help get discovered faster. On J L Stream, users can stream anywhere any time, showcase their talents, give shout-outs to their audience & earn money with instant cash out. The app will be available worldwide barring China. Users will be able to purchase coins in-app and pay streamers via virtual gifts during the live sessions. Streamers can withdraw their earnings instantly via multiple digital payment options.

Delighted about the upcoming launch, the CEO, Raj Kundra says, "In the last 5 years, India has seen a substantial amount of growth in the way we consume data and watch content. Jaldi Live is a major part of the new internet culture giving every person with any talent a platform to become a star. We have crossed 1 Lakh installs already. I am proud to say the app is made in India and will be available worldwide."

For more information or to download the app go to www.JLStream.com.

About J L Stream India Pvt Ltd

J L Stream India Pvt Ltd is founded and promoted by entrepreneur Raj Kundra. J L Stream is a seamless social live streaming app. The Logo J L comes together to form a ‘Namaste,’ a gesture of gratitude towards others. A proudly Made In India app, for the world.

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Logo – https://mma.prnasia.com/media2/1447721/JLStream_Logo.jpg?p=medium600



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