iQOO Neo6 Smartphone Series Makes International Debut, Bringing Premium Gaming Experience to Users

SHENZHEN, China, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iQOO, an independent sub-brand of vivo, announced the international debut of iQOO Neo6. The new iQOO Neo6 delivers outstanding performance and a flagship-level gaming experience at a more affordable price point. Its unique features and design were crafted to appeal to smartphone users who seek a stylish device that offers a seamless user experience and excellent photography capabilities.   

The iQOO Neo6 brings a premium gaming experience available in two colors
The iQOO Neo6 brings a premium gaming experience available in two colors

"The new iQOO Neo6 device stands out with its original exterior design and offers strong performance for an immersive gaming experience," said Nipun Marya, Chief Executive Officer of iQOO. "Not only does the affordable yet powerful device continue to strengthen the iQOO brand in performance and gaming, but it also provides top-tier photography experience, satisfying the day-to-day needs of gaming enthusiasts."

Powerful Performance

iQOO Neo6 is designed for performance. The device is equipped with Snapdragon® 870 5G Mobile Platform, 80W FlashCharge, 4700mAh battery, Extended RAM 2.0, and Enhanced UFS 3.1 technology, enabling uninterrupted multitasking and smooth gaming.

With the Snapdragon® 870 5G mobile platform, iQOO Neo6 provides robust performance in all usage scenarios. It ensures lower power consumption, excellent cooling, and powerful processing – achieving a perfect balance between the three. Furthermore, iQOO Neo6 features the all-around enhanced V6 UFS 3.1 high-speed memory chip that improves UFS performance by supporting the brand-new HID advanced defragmentation technology.

The Extended RAM 2.0 in iQOO Neo6 allows part of the ROM to be utilized as RAM. This way, the iQOO Neo6 8GB model offers a maximum of 12GB RAM, while the 12GB model tops out at 16GB of RAM. This improved feature enriches the user experience by reducing application startup time and optimizing memory usage to allow multiple applications to run smoothly at the same time.

iQOO Neo6 is also equipped with Defragmentation 2.0, a stream technology that prevents storage fragmentation, improves overall performance and eliminates lag. With Defragmentation 2.0, the device will classify and store data based on its different attributes, reducing the probability of file fragmentation by 25%.

The Cascade Cooling System in iQOO Neo6 is an innovative heat dissipation system that accelerates heat transfer. The five-layer 3D graphite cooling plates of the Cascade Cooling System fit closely with the heat source, making full use of the space in the device.

iQOO Neo6’s single-IC and dual-cell design (20V/4A) of 80W FlashCharge can greatly reduce charging time. The 4700mAh battery gets a 50% battery in only 12 minutes. In addition, iQOO Neo6 has a smart charging mode that helps detect the user’s sleep time and adjusts the charging time accordingly, extending the battery lifespan by 25%.

iQOO Neo6 in Dark Nova
iQOO Neo6 in Dark Nova

Superb Gaming Experience

iQOO Neo6 carries iQOO’s gaming DNA and the pursuit of a premium gaming experience, featuring a 120Hz E4 AMOLED Display, 1200Hz Instant & 360Hz Touch Sampling Rate, Dual Stereo Speaker, and more. 

The 120Hz E4 AMOLED Display supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz and can display 120 frames per second, providing smooth animation and picture transition for a superb gaming experience. The 120Hz E4 AMOLED Display is more eye-friendly and power-efficient.

The touch response speed is vital for a better gaming experience. iQOO Neo6 features a 1200Hz Instant & 360Hz Touch Sampling Rate. Many competitive games, especially first-person shooters, require a very high level of precision for aiming. The precise touch response on iQOO Neo6 allows users to adjust the touch recognition based on personal preference for smooth and continuous screen swiping, while the high touch response rate further improves touch sensitivity.

Compared with the Z-Axis Linear Motor, the X-Axis Linear Motor featured in the iQOO Neo6 starts faster, has stronger vibration, and feels more vivid and real. It brings better physical feedback during typing, gaming, and more. With 4D Game Vibration, the system can intelligently identify usage scenarios and use the linear motor and software algorithms to provide custom vibrations for a better gaming experience.

iQOO Neo6 features Dual Stereo Speaker to bring users a surround sound effect while gaming, listening to music or watching videos. 

Excellent Photography in Everyday Scenarios

iQOO Neo6 has a 16MP front camera and a rear triple camera system consisting of a 64MP OIS Main Camera, an 8MP Wide-Angle Camera, and a 2MP Super Macro Camera. The main camera is equipped with a GW1P sensor and a 1/1.7" image sensor. GW1P sensor can achieve excellent image processing in bright or dark environments, ensuring ultra-clear photography. The main camera supports 4K/60fps video recording and uses OIS to minimize image blur caused by shaky hands, significantly improving the clarity of photos taken in low light, scenes requiring long exposure, or action-packed scenes.

Trendy Appearance

The new iQOO Neo6 presents a retro-futuristic design style that takes inspiration from factories, electronics, and the machine age, showcasing the extreme contrast between the past and future. The device will be available in two colors, Dark Nova and Cyber Rage.

Dark Nova is inspired by outer space – the hidden galaxies spread across time and space. Cyber Rage represents a journey through the bustling streets of the cyberpunk city under the flickering neon lights.


iQOO Neo6 series will be available in India starting from May 31st, 2022. iQOO Neo6 comes with the 8GB RAM+128GB ROM edition and 12GB RAM + 256GB ROM edition.

About iQOO

iQOO, an independent sub-brand of the vivo group, aims to bring cutting-edge industry technology to users more quickly and easily for enhanced experiences with high-performance devices. The iQOO brand deeply understands the performance needs of users and the collective desire for technological innovation by a new generation. Backed by vivo’s strong capabilities and user-oriented innovation, iQOO has multiple product lines operating independently.

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