Inventec’s O-RAN convention showcases 5G smart factory applications with a supply chain alliance

TAIPEI, Aug. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leveraging its strength in cloud infrastructure, leading server contract manufacturer Inventec (2356) continues to invest in developing 5G smart factory applications with O-RAN technology and actively collaborates with supply chain partners to continue to grow the 5G vertical ecosystem from a system integration perspective. In the O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network) Alliance’s 2022 Spring Plugfest convention held in late June in Taiwan, hosted by Auray’s Open Test and Integration Center (OTIC) and Security Lab, Inventec unveiled for the first time its plans for the Taoyuan server manufacturing plant, including "industrial environment safety," "quality yield," and "machine surveillance/maintenance and troubleshooting" and other critical requirements. They demonstrated how the 5G open architecture can significantly reduce the complexity of deployment and subsequent maintenance costs to address the need for sustainable upgrades in the technology of the automated smart factory and also presented the test data results of "industrial environmental safety "E-Gate", "AI face recognition", "fall detection", "AR smart surveillance" and "MR Human-machine remote collaboration" through the integration from the system level to the device level.

Inventec's 5G smart factory applications at this year's O-RAN Plugfest Convention
Inventec’s 5G smart factory applications at this year’s O-RAN Plugfest Convention

In the AI computer vision application, Inventec has achieved throughput up to 800Mbps uplink and 200Mbps downlink with less than 18ms latency and 0.004% packet loss rate through 5G video transmission for E-Gate, face recognition, and fall detection, achieving the required application stability and over 90% recognition success rate. In a wireless mobile application, it has reached a 99.9% ~ 100% handover success rate in a test area of 80 meter-width when the end device is moving with velocity of  one meter per second. In the tests, Inventec also found that reliable GNSS (GPS) signals contributed significantly to the stability of 5G network quality, and that the brand of the terminal device had a much greater impact on performance stability changes in end-to-end tests than the base station.

According to Evan Chien, Senior Director of the Cloud and Communications Solution at Inventec, our participation in the "E2E service experience for Industry IoT" test at this year’s O-RAN Plugfest event signifies that Inventec already has system integration capabilities that can implement open 5G private network architectures in real world. "Inventec will continue to optimize the end-to-end solution with the test data obtained from live cases in the test, and share the successful deployment experience to more field partners through construction service, maintenance and technical consultancy." 

Inventec is actively involved in the 5G private network market. In addition to developing its own brand base station, Inventec is also playing the role of system integrator for the first time, to integrate from information technology (IT), communication technology (CT) to operation technology (OT), with Microsoft, Altran, PTC, Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek, CYLTEK, NexAIoT, NYCU, O’Prueba, AIMobile, Besta, ioNetworks, PowerArena, Geoforce and other eco-partners in the 5G manufacturing vertical, and promoting complete end-to-end 5G enterprise network solutions for users in the manufacturing industry through testing and validation at its own server manufacturing facility in Taoyuan.

By participating in O-RAN activities and operations, Inventec has completed assembly line level verification in the 5G smart factory field in the first half of 2022, and will provide 5G end-to-end solutions for the manufacturing industry to achieve the goal of digital transformation. In addition to O-RAN end-to-end service experience tests  in the real 5G field, Inventec plans to conduct more 5G O-RAN application integration testing plans through the 5G open lab deployment in the second half of the year to complete the integrations from lab to field, from a single device to end-to-end application, and continue to work on 5G smart factory solutions. Inventec will invite more eco-partners to participate in the integration test and join the vertical domain to move towards the new blue ocean of the 5G industry.

About Inventec
Since its founding in 1975, Inventec has grown from an early manufacturer of computers and telephones to a leading design manufacturer of notebooks, servers, and wireless communication products. With the advent of the 5G generation, Inventec will expand its capabilities in 5G private network system integration and architecture, transforming its world-class manufacturing facilities into 5G smart factories. 


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