Industry Aficionado Paul Peros Launches World’s First Tech-led Full Haircare Precision System

NEUCHATEL, Switzerland, Aug. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The world’s only precision beauty company, REDUIT, has enjoyed unprecedented growth in its first months of launching, undeniably emerging as the ‘Tesla of Beauty’.


Accelerating the growth of this Swiss brand is its release of 14 products in 14 weeks, with a further 13 products still to come. The patented haircare portfolio is now fully available in 40 countries worldwide, with a hotly anticipated skincare line coming soon.

Pioneered by Paul Peros, a notable global CEO, REDUIT’s vision was to reimagine the haircare category and offer a sustainable, yet powerful solution for all hair types through the use of innovation and technology to apply treatments, yet remain sustainably friendly to the planet.

"In French ‘Reduit’ means ‘reduced’; we reduce packaging, amplify results; reduce time, amplify efficacy; reduce steps and amplify beauty," says Paul Peros.

Currently available are 3 REDUIT devices to choose from (REDUIT One, REDUIT One Gold and REDUIT One Pro) which will all work with the 5 REDUIT Hairpods™, and 5 REDUIT LED Hairpods™.

Using game changing technology, innovation and Swiss design, REDUIT almost completely reduced the need for stabilizers, thickeners and fillers in haircare and created highly concentrated formulas and a revolutionary precision delivery system for amplified results.

"Most active ingredients in beauty products go to waste through inferior delivery systems. REDUIT’s technology ensures maximum performance: 38x more efficacious than traditional products, while reducing the waste by 20x. We are shaping a category which has been relatively immune to advancement in technology and innovation but we are also showing the giants how to do this and encourage sustainability at the same time," adds Peros.

In its first month of launching, REDUIT avoided over 30 tons of CO2 output compared to traditional products, and that figure is projected to near 400 kilo-tons by the end of the year, meaning REDUIT may be outperforming the beauty giants in its first year of operation.

With the current trajectory and continuing on its mission, REDUIT will have launched 25 products,including the full haircare line, and a full skincare line which is expected to include technological innovations of skincare devices powered with Skinpods™ to suit a multitude of skin types and for specific skin conditions, by the end of 2020 and available to 40 countries including China, US and UK.

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