In Support of National Healthy Skin Month, Fourdesire’s Plant Nanny2 App Launches #waterempties Instagram Campaign

Week-long campaign reinforces the link between adequate water intake and a radiant complexion in a fun, engaging, and positive habit-building way

TAIPEI, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — To underscore the importance of proper hydration during the dry fall and winter months, and support the American Academy of Dermatology’s annual National Healthy Skin Month, globally acclaimed app design studio Fourdesire is launching a #WaterEmpties Instagram campaign through Plant Nanny², their popular water reminder app.

Week-long campaign reinforces the link between adequate water intake and a radiant complexion in a fun, engaging, and positive habit-building way with the adorable water reminder app Plant Nanny2.

During the 2 weeklong campaign that runs today through December 1st, Plant Nanny² users are encouraged to “empty their cup” throughout the day to derive all the benefits of adequate water intake, including flushing out toxins and preventing wrinkles to promote naturally glowing skin.  Every time a glass of water is consumed, the whimsical plants in their virtual gardens will be watered accordingly.

Participants are encouraged to tag their friends to join the #WaterEmpties campaign.  Everyone who posts a photo of their empty water cup with the caption #Join the #WaterEmpties Challenge” or “Drink with @plantnanny_us” will have the opportunity to be a featured gardener on the official Plant Nanny² account.

A recent Water Intake Behavior Survey of 4,225 Plant Nanny² users revealed that 83.9 percent drink water to maintain good health – with an impressive two-thirds feeling that they’ve already developed a positive hydration habit as a result of using the app. Nearly 26 percent admit they need help to reach their water intake goals.

“You may not realize that your skin needs just as much hydration during the cool, dry fall weather as it does during the hotter summer months,” explained Wei-Fan Chen, producer of Plant Nanny². “Not only that, your thirst mechanism may be less active than when the temperatures are high – making it even easier to get dehydrated. That’s why it’s essential to have a water tracker app like Plant Nanny² to remind you to drink water in a fun, user-friendly way, which will help you maximize your health, complexion, and well-being as you nurture the beautiful plants in your garden.”

“The little singsong voices of the plants and their cuteness make keeping myself hydrate feel less like a burdensome chore and more like a responsibility that I’d happily stick to for the rest of my life,” added Basia, one of the many satisfied Plant Nanny² ambassadors that regularly engage on Fourdesire’s social media platforms.

For more information on Fourdesire, visit To find out more about Plant Nanny²’s #WaterEmpties campaign, check out their Instagram page.

About Fourdesire

Founded in 2012, Fourdesire is a Taiwanese app design studio that develops gamified lifestyle tools that combine entertainment, design, and technology.  Their three gamification mobile apps currently available in the Apple and Google Play stores – Plant Nanny², Walkr, and Fortune City – allow users to solve real-life problems such as financial literacy, physical health and weight loss, and self-care and mental health in a fun, interactive way. 


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