ICAPE Group Projects Growth in 2021 for Printed Circuit Boards and Technical Parts

DONGGUAN, China, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With global growth of 30% expected in 2021, ICAPE Group (https://www.icape-group.com) continues to expand in the world thanks to its business model, which perfectly suits the changing condition of the business norms.

As the worldwide pandemic has caused some serious difficulties in all industries, ICAPE Group reveals itself to be a strategic partner for its customers’ supply chain by ensuring the smooth running of their production, regarding a wide range of electronic pieces. In India, the international company can rely on a serious sales office that works in cooperation with a solid network of experts and factories.

As the leading PCBs and technical parts provider with 75+ strategic manufacturing partners, as well as 21 business units over the world, ICAPE Group’s strong development in Asia allows them to maintain a stable and reliable supply network in India. By utilizing the most convenient and international logistics platform in Hong Kong, ICAPE Group has served hundreds of customers in India with the most professional PCB integrated services during the pandemic. 

With one of the ICAPE Group’s Proximity core business concepts, customers in India could access the local sales office to arrange their needs with a senior local expert who speaks their native language alongside having a deeper understanding of the local markets to provide the useful solution from DFM, QA, QI and logistics, etc. Sameera SIMHA, sales director at ICAPE India, said: "It’s a very difficult and unexpected period for the printed circuit board market in these 2 years. Our customers seldom think about they will meet such a harsh time just right after the Indian government announced an ambitious and promising blueprint to develop India’s electronic manufacturing. Many of them have not prepared for this crisis. However, at ICAPE Group, all of us understand this crisis can happen no matter how impossible we thought before, therefore we had made a very detailed execution plan toward it."

Relying on large-volume orders in 20 years with various partner manufacturers, ICAPE Group has the capability to guarantee their India customers find the matched PCB manufacturers to order qualified products with acceptable budgets. In addition, under an over-loaded production schedule in most of the strong technology factories, a team of ICAPE experts is always on standby to assure their customers’ orders run as usual and implement strict quality inspection to prevent problems before shipping as explained by  Mr SIMHA : "ICAPE’s comprehensive globe operation and technical support teams are offering our customers a consistent and safe PCB service, with the best quality and multiple budgets option to help our customers to save time and energy through eliminating unnecessary supplier quoting, logistic arrangements, and less concerned about the inspection, etc. In India, they will only need to contact me to enjoy the exclusive service for accomplishing their assignment, and I will be the one to coordinate all the internal resources globally to present the best result. ICAPE Group also provides many high-tech virtual tools to realize our common goal. At ICAPE Group, we are not only expecting a one-time business deal but looking forward to establishing a mutual trusted and long-term partnership to conquer these difficult times hand in hand."

2021 has revealed strength of ICAPE Group’s worldwide organization and abilities to manage this situation, thanks to its complete services offices in China, staffed with 250 highly qualified employees, near its factory partners’ network, to manage and control the production of its customers’ products. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCMWVHo6Dew)

Please visit: https://www.icape-group.com 

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