Hyperledger Announces Its 20 Certified Service Providers, and BSOS Taiwan is among them

TAIPEI, Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As one of the world’s largest communities focused on blockchain technology, Hyperledger is dedicated to enterprise blockchain deployments through developing stable and reliable frameworks and tools including Hyperledger Fabric contributed by IBM, Hyperledger Sawtooth by Intel, Hyperledger Besu by ConsenSys, and other pivotal blockchain technologies.

Photo resource: Hyperledger Landscape
Photo resource: Hyperledger Landscape

Hyperledger recently announced a list of Hyperledger Certified Service Providers (HCSP). The list is an important reference to enterprises in search of Hyperledger technology partners that identifies only 20 companies across the globe. BSOS, a Taiwanese blockchain technology start-up is among them.

HCSP, the driving force for Hyperledger ecosystem

Julian Gordon, Vice President, Asia Pacific, for Hyperledger, stated, "We highly value the development of Hyperledger ecosystem. By collaborating with HCSPs, we aspire to provide more enterprises with assistance in blockchain development and attain tangible results in commercial values. BSOS is an exciting company with potential. It passed our strict requirements and tests in a short period of time, showcasing adequate technical capability."

Taking a closer look at the list of 20 HCSPs, one may deduce the high bar set for service providers at the sight of internationally renowned IT giants, e.g. IBM, SAP, Accenture, NEC, LG, Tencent, Ant Financial. "We’ve set rigorous qualifications for a company to be an HCSP. We currently have 20 of them, and we look forward to introducing more leading companies as our partners", said Julian Gordon.

BSOS set out to serve a global clientele on day one

"BSOS is honored to be an HCSP. It is a recognition of our R&D capabilities. We’d like to express our gratitude to Hyperledger for the validation. In the future, we look forward to collaborating more closely with members of Hyperledger ecosystem and help our clients achieve commercial value", said Daniel Huang, CEO of BSOS.

Asked how the company first got in contact with Hyperledger, Huang responded, "The day we founded the company, we told ourselves, we must operate internationally. In such a new area of expertise, we certainly have to be engaged in the global community. In addition to Hyperledger, we are also very pleased to introduce R3, EEA, ConsenSys, and HashiCorp as our new partners this year."

Enterprise-grade blockchain technology is headed toward maturity

We can take note of topics that stood out from trials conducted by developers across the world and try to identify what could be a fit for blockchain deployment. Meanwhile, we also see that tools and process methodologies developed sequentially by major developers like Hyperledger, R3, J.P. Morgan, or even start-ups like BSOS, are collectively driving enterprise-grade blockchain technology toward maturity. According to the world’s second-largest market research institution, MarketsandMarkets, the global blockchain market size is expected to grow from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 39.7 billion by 2025, at a 67.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

In adopting blockchain technology, people would assume the financial sector conservative. Exceptionally, it has reacted faster, and more proactive than enterprises. Daniel Huang explained, "Our clients, especially financial institutions, are particularly sensitive to data facticity and asset liquidity. They promptly realized how blockchain technology can bring revolutionary changes. We look forward to having more successful cases in the financial sector which will further facilitate the development of distributed collaborative business ecosystems in other industries and create immense momentum in value circulation."


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