HULKMAN Announces the Release of Its Most Advanced Battery Charger

Santa Clara, Calif., Jan. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HULKMAN has announced the launch of its latest product, the Sigma 5 Battery Charger and Maintainer. The Sigma 5 solves one of the most common vehicle-related problem faced by consumers—a dead battery. According to HULKMAN, not only does the Sigma 5 charge your dead battery (even if it has 0.3 volts remaining), it can also diagnose, repair, optimize and maintain your battery to help avoid dead batteries in the future.

HULKMAN Sigma 5 Amp Automatic Car Battery Charger And Maintainer
HULKMAN Sigma 5 Amp Automatic Car Battery Charger And Maintainer

The HULKMAN Sigma 5 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer features universal adaptive charging, an impressive 3.4-inch LED display, an artificial intelligence (AI) optimizer, 360-degree bad battery diagnosis and repair, and five smart system protections. HULKMAN describes each of these features as follows:

  • Universal Adaptive Charging: Five tailored charging modes charge 99.9% of lead-acid batteries, including all types of 6V and 12V batteries—plus 12V lithium-ion batteries. The integrated sensor detects the current charging stage and internal temperature to charge the battery adaptively using the correct amount of electricity. This is perfect for small vehicles such as motorcycles.
  • LED Screen Display: The 3.4-inch screen displays up to 13 easy-to-see icons and combines a warning buzzer to indicate a mis-operation. Users can monitor current/voltage, select charging parameters, and identify specific battery problems.
  • AI Charge Optimizer: The 9-Step AI Charge Optimizer ensures the correct level of power is sent to the battery, and the AI Smart Maintainer automatically maintains the battery level without user intervention, eliminating overcharging. The 12V Force Charge mode allows you charge a battery with as few as 0.3 volts.
  • 360° Bad Battery Diagnosis and Repair: This feature detects abnormal voltage drops and battery sulfation and uses AI programming to recover the battery (if possible) and restore power via pulse repair technology. Super Repair mode and Force Charge mode can resuscitate old, long-dead batteries.
  • Five smart system protections: Five advanced protections ensure security, including high-temp, short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, and reverse-polarity protection. These safeguards help stabilize charging performance and prolong battery life.

The HULKMAN Sigma 5 Amp battery charger features a rugged design and solid construction to last a lifetime. It is also dust-tight and drop resistant. HULKMAN offers a 36-month hassle-free warranty and lifetime technical support.

The HULKMAN Sigma 5 battery charger and maintainer is now available on Amazon and on the HULMAN website here.


As a pioneer in this industry, HULKMAN was created by a group of ambitious and dedicated entrepreneurs with a vision to redefine the automotive & energy industry. We invested hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D and high experienced talent around the world to create automotive & energy products and services that delight our consumers. Here at HULKMAN, we aspire to deliver only the best and most brilliant innovations.


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