Hugo Barra Bids Goodbye To Xiaomi


On his somewhat lengthy Facebook post, Xiaomi’s Vice President of International, Hugo Barra, said that he is set to leave Xiaomi. Hugo Barra who joined the Chinese company about 3 years and five months ago said that ” if there was ever going to be a good time for me to come back home, that time is now”.

It can be recalled that Barra transitioned from working as one of Google’s top guy, spearheading the developments of the Android ecosystem. He was also involved in the development of Google’s Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets and Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 phones . He was also involved in the development of Google Voice Search, Google Speech Recognition and Google Now.

Xiaomi’s Vice President of International

As Vice President of International for Xiaomi, Barra transformed their small startup unit into a $1Billion annual revenue company, with special emphasis on the Indian market. Throughout his stint as Vice President of International Xiaomi has grown opening its doors to India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Poland and Mexico  among other countries.

The Reason For Leaving

Hugo Barra stated that his “singular” life in Beijing is taking toll on him and his health. He considers his life and home to be back in Silicon Valley, an indication that he will be returning to Silicon Valley soon, this after taking a much needed break.

Hugo Barra’s transition will be effective in February after the Chinese New Year. Barra will be replaced by Xiang Wang, Xiaomi’s Senior Vice President.

Read Hugo Barra’s Facebook Post



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