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Growing plants especially your favorite herbs could be a very daunting task. You have to watch over them, water them and give them ample sunshine. These are things that you need to do in order to have a fresh supply of herbs for your kitchen. Good thing we now live in a world where technology plays a huge role in making our life easier, even for planting.

The Botanium

Image from Botanium Kickstarter Site

Botanium is a Kickstarter project that emanated from Sweden. It is a hydroponics device which grows plants such as chilies, basil and other herbs without the need of soil. It is sort of a plug and play device where you just piece everything together and wait for it to grow. You can even leave it for a month and you come back to a healthy plant.

Because it does not require any soil you are saving yourself and your plant from soil borne pests. You also save yourself from any mess. Water is effectively used with hydroponics and the Botanium also prevents you from overwatering your plant which, as we all know, is detrimental to the health of the plant.

Botanium Specifications

Dimensions: 136 mm (5.3″) x 250 mm (9.8″)
Color: White (if the stretch goal is achieved, two additional colors will be unlocked.)
Plug: The wall socket you receive corresponds to the country you specify when backing the project.
Power: 5V
Electronics: The built in timer powers on the pump every 8th hour.
Indoor use only

What’s Inside the Box

  • Botanium
  • Growing medium
  • Nutrients
  • User guide
  • Power plug

The Botanium is not yet available commercially, however you can support the effort to bring it to market and also get your Botanium if you support their kickstarter campaign.

Image from Botanium Kickstarter Site

Watch This Botanium Video


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