China Regulates The Use of VPN’s


Beijing has launched a 14-month campaign to combat any unauthorized internet connections, this includes the use of VPN’s. This move by China to curb any unregulated internet connections was said to “strengthen cyberspace information security management”. This means that apart from VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks the regulation will also affect special cables that are used to bypass the “Great Firewall of China“.

What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Networks enables the user to receive and send data on a public network where it functions as if it is connected to a private network. An easier definition can be culled from how VPNs are normally used, and that is VPN’s are used to access sites that may not be available in your country, by changing your computer’s IP Address.

Regulation Process

Beijing has stated that during this campaign, VPN’s wanting to operate in the country should obtain proper permission from the government before they can operate. While this maybe a good move from the Government of Chine to “cleanse” it’s internet connection, this is bad news for VPN providers and users because until certain VPN’s obtain their permission, all VPN’s are deemed illegal in China.


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