Huawei’s FusionPower6000 Wins Innovation Product Award at Data Centre World 2022

LONDON, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei’s Smart Converged FusionPower6000 Solution, an industry-leading power supply and distribution system, won the DCW award in the Innovation Product of the Year category at the recently-concluded Data Centre World London 2022.


Data Centre World Awards, presented annually, are designed to recognize and reward innovations and achievements across the global data center sector. That Huawei brought home the innovation award this year shows the industry’s recognition of FusionPower6000 for its high density and efficiency, simplified delivery, and enhanced security and reliability.

With a patchwork model of the power supply system, most medium and large-sized data centers lack system optimization and full-link monitoring and management, suffering from low efficiency and high energy consumption. To address these pain points, the FusionPower6000 solution provides MW-level integrated power supply and distribution solutions for large data centers by integrating full-power links from the medium-voltage transformer to the load feeder. The award-winning solution has three main features:

  • Simple: With modular, hot-swappable components all prefabricated in the factory, Time To Market (TTM) is slashed by 75%, while maintenance is simplified.
  • Green: Featuring full-link convergence to reduce the physical footprint by more than 40%. Power link efficiency also reaches up to 97.8% in Super ECO mode, supplying power in an environmentally-friendly way.
  • Smart and Reliable: Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is made easy thanks to a visualized system, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered fault prediction and proactive maintenance, life prediction of core components, online switch settings, and sound and image recognition.

As the preferred choice for large data centers’ power supply and distribution systems, Huawei’s FusionPower6000 solution has been widely used in various industries, including energy, transportation, ICT, and COLO. Compared with traditional solutions, Huawei’s solution has helped the data center facility of the CTICC Cloud, a subsidiary of the China Transport Telecommunications & Information Centre (‘CTTIC’), save more than 40% space (about 750 square meters) in the power supply and distribution system, deploy 350 more cabinets, and save more than 16,000 meters of power cables. What’s more, the prefabricated modular data center takes only two weeks to be installed on-site. The AI technology allows for predictive maintenance, strengthening the safety and reliability of the power supply system. 

Looking into the future, Huawei will continue to invest in innovation to create a more highly dense and efficient, safe, and reliable power supply system for the data center sector and drive the industry toward sustainable development.


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