Huawei Unveils Intelligent OptiX Network to Promote Green Development with Technological Innovation

BARCELONA, Spain, March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Green Optical Network Summit was held during MWC22 Barcelona by IDATE, a well-known French research and analysis organization. At the summit, all parties called for accelerating the construction of green optical networks. Richard Jin, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, released the Green Intelligent OptiX Network based on the value proposition of "More Bits, Less Watts", aiming to promote the green development of society through technological innovation.

Richard Jin released the Green Intelligent OptiX Network
Richard Jin released the Green Intelligent OptiX Network

In recent years, green development has become an industry consensus, and 197 countries and regions have signed the Glasgow Climate Pact. Against this backdrop, the ICT industry has also set carbon emission reduction targets. However, there are challenges and pressures in this process. On one hand, operators need to expand network capacity to meet user requirements. On the other hand, large-scale network construction increases energy consumption. Therefore, building green and efficient networks by leveraging technological innovation has become the top priority of the ICT industry.

Richard Jin, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, said that Huawei’s E2E Green Intelligent OptiX Network solution is capable of reconstructing green network, green sites, and green operation, helping operators and the industry achieve the goal of "More Bits, Less Watt".

In terms of green sites, the all-optical grooming capability should be introduced to equipment service grooming. OXC reduces unnecessary electrical-layer processing and massive manual fiber connections, greatly reducing site space occupation and system power consumption. In terms of service access, the OSU technology is used to integrate multiple devices based on the flexible service access capability from 2M to 100G, greatly reducing site space and power consumption.

In terms of green network, operators should increase the construction of optical networks. This is in line with the low-carbon trend of "fiber-in copper-out". In addition, based on a fiber network, the FTTR for Home solution for home users and the FTTR for SME, OTN P2P, and OTN P2MP series private line solutions for the enterprise market are used to achieve one network for multiple purposes, meeting operators’ requirements for expanding the home broadband and enterprise private line markets. On the other hand, invalid service forwarding is one of the causes of high network power consumption. Operators should deploy WDM devices as close to the user side as possible to achieve a simplified architecture of one-hop transmission, greatly reducing network construction and power consumption costs.

In terms of green operation, research shows that a communications network is idle for 80% of the time. Dynamic power adjustment of devices is critical to energy saving and emission reduction of an entire network. Starting from the home, access, and transport segments of a communications network, Huawei provides a series of intelligent power consumption management solutions for ONTs, OLTs, and OTNs based on the concept of "Bits Manage Watts" to reduce power consumption.

Richard Jin said, "The value of Huawei Green Intelligent OptiX Network for operators lies in greatly reducing network power consumption. At the same time, we are committed to accelerating the green development of various industries through continuous innovation and upgrade of ICT technologies."


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