Huawei Levels Up with New HMS Core 6.0 Open Capabilities for Mobile App Developers

SINGAPORE, Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei has launched HMS Core 6.0, the latest app development framework for its global developers. HMS Core 6.0 introduces several new kits in the graphics, media and system domains, and upgrades the existing services to meet the growing need for intelligent app functions. All development tools can now be accessed through the HUAWEI Developers website for developers to create innovative apps with ease. From now till 5 September, APAC developers can integrate or create apps with HMS Core 6.0 to enter the AppsUP 2021 – Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest and win from a prize pool of US$200,000.

Huawei’s HMS Core 6.0 introduces a series of new kits for app developers including AV Pipeline Kit, 3D Modelling Kit and more. Developers can now access all development tools through HUAWEI Developers website ( and create innovative apps with ease.
Huawei’s HMS Core 6.0 introduces a series of new kits for app developers including AV Pipeline Kit, 3D Modelling Kit and more. Developers can now access all development tools through HUAWEI Developers website ( and create innovative apps with ease.

In this latest version of HMS Core, a series of new development kits are made available, including the AV Pipeline Kit, 3D Modelling Kit, Video Editor Kit, Audio Editor Kit and 5G Modem Kit. Together with existing kits such as AR Engine, Accelerate Kit, Map Kit, Scene Kit and more, the full range of HMS Core capabilities empowers developers to create quality apps with its intelligence, contextual and scenario-based solutions.

The new AV Pipeline Kit contains a lightweight framework and a range of high-performance plugins to make audio and video processing easy. The kit includes preset pipelines for scenarios such as video playback, visual super-resolution and sound event detection. These pipelines help overcome common difficulties faced by media app developers such as high power consumption during the deployment and lengthy visual optimisation process. For example, the AV Pipeline Kit can support frame-by-frame Super Resolution (SC) during playback to improve visual resolution in real-time, while optimising the video viewing experience when the network is unstable with its Adaptive Resolution feature.

The 3D Modelling Kit is another highlight in the current update. This AI-based kit supports one-click photo collection and automatic 3D model generation, which increases model production efficiency with minimal professional experience required. This easy-to-use kit is especially beneficial for e-commerce and animation apps, allowing developers to generate 3D models with a mobile phone equipped with an RGB camera.

In addition to the new kits, there are also several updates on the existing services. For instance, the Computer Graphics Kit has debuted the "volumetric fog" rendering technique. This new graphics feature helps to create dynamic lighting and shadowing fog effects. Available to all Android devices that support the Vulkan API, this feature allows developers to achieve realistic and immersive indoor scenes in mobile games, which is especially useful for cyberpunk-style games.

To improve network performance, HMS Core has also updated its Network Kit by adding an AI-powered network acceleration function. This function will prime networks based on predicted use scenarios, thus optimising network performance and reducing app latency by over 20%.

HMS Core capabilities enable developers to create native apps, web apps and quick apps across multiple smart devices including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, wearables and audio products. These open capabilities can also be used to create apps running on Android and HarmonyOS by using cross-platform development frameworks such as React Native and Cordova.

Using HMS Core 6.0 to create innovative apps for AppsUP 2021

Huawei is running its global app innovation contest, AppsUP, for the second year, aiming to inspire and support developers in adopting HMS Core Kits to create innovative apps.

This year’s APAC edition features 10 award categories – Best App, Best Game, Best Social Impact Award, Honorable App Award, Most Popular App Award, and new categories including AppGallery Rising Star Award, Best Fintech Innovation Award, Best HMS Core Innovation Award, Excellent Student Award and Tech Women’s Award.

Twenty outstanding apps will be selected based on app design, user experience, innovativeness and business value to win from a total prize pool of US$200,000. APAC developers simply have to submit an app that has been integrated with at least one HMS Core Kit before 5 September to be eligible for the contest.

To register for AppsUP 2021, please visit:


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