How to Look Taller in Your Photos

Everyone’s having a problem on how to look tall in photos. Being so curious on how a 5 ft height girl looks taller on every photo she posted online. It sucks that you won’t get taller anymore or you always keep on wearing high heeled shoes that make your feet hurt at the end of the day. Well, there are a lot of tricks and ways you can use about it.

Wear clothes that will enhance your proportion

It’s very important for a girl to know what clothes she looks good at that brings out her features. If you are short like me, wear fitted clothes that will flatter your body, like high-waist pants and a tuck in shirt or blouse. Wear dresses with a single color and that is higher on your knee. Avoid wearing oversize clothes from bottom to top.

Take a picture while you’re walking

It’s a big help to make you look taller if you make a motion, like walking. So ask a friend to take a photo of you continuously where you can just pick the best one she took of you. Even if you’re just wearing flats or sneakers, you will still look tall on that photo.

Your posture matters

One of the tricks I learned if you are just standing is to always bend forward one of your feet and put all your weight to another one behind. This will make your front leg longer. Also always stand straight, pull your shoulders back, chin up, breast out and stomach in. It also goes when you are setting, you will just need to cross your legs and you’re ready! Keep in mind that good posture makes you look taller.

Place your camera at the right angle

This is the most powerful trick that can change your height in a snap. Placing your camera at the right angle will is one of the top secrets of all bloggers. Even if your fat or petite it can make you look slimmer and taller. If you are short, placing the camera in a lower angle is the key. But not too low, you can also angle your camera on an eye level if you’ re not used in low-angle. If you are sitting, taking photos in an upward angle will make you look taller too, just remember about the proper posture.

Fill the frame

Avoid to put a lot of headroom on your photos, just right amount of space is enough.

The most important thing in photography is to relax, be confident, give your brightest smile and enjoy!


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