3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Your Business in 2018

At this given point in time, you might have probably seen countless headlines about AI scattered throughout the vast space of the internet: up and coming technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, and the internet of things (IoT) will take over our work, work behavior, and our everyday lives over time. These forecasts are crucial as it prepares us for all possible contingencies. Business owners, whether it be big or small must read up on this upcoming trend in technology. This short list will talk about the up and coming age of Artificial Intelligence and how it will affect organizations, and what you (as a business owner) should do about it when that time comes.

  1. Artificial Intelligence will ram employers before employees

    AI hasn’t been fully equipped in terms of changing or learning a system in the long run—and it certainly won’t blow up this 2018. The thing with AI is, it works best when it sums up data that has been sourced from different areas of discipline that forges useful information. Give for example, an AI solution to help a sales team decide which marketing strat to go to. For example, it will need insight not just from AI and marketing specialists, but also from demographics, psychographic maps, cybersecurity, and useful market information. Your typical enterprise, which has important data and contacts securely stored in databases, isn’t ready for what AI is about to ask of them.

  2. AI will continually simplify and make work efficient

    AI has already armed itself to make complex processes in full automation, identify and analyze trends to create value for the business, and provide effective logistical solutions. For example, all those hours in the business sector spend stumbling through data banks from marketing plans, business database, and other systems? AI will take that workload. The result will bring less work for employees and will provide better strategic decisions making employees work more effectively and efficiently throughout.

  3. AI will make cyberattacks (and cyber defense) more powerful and dynamic

    Dynamic malwares, spywares, rootkits and other malicious programs that learns a system as it spreads– various intelligent super computers integrating global cyberattacks, advanced data analytics breeding customized attacks—they are all coming. Organizations will make it look like they brought a knife to a gunfight. They’ll need to fight fire with fire, AI with AI.

The dawn of Artificial Intelligence isn’t something for the far future- it’s already here and it’s coming fast. It’s most certainly not just something for tech companies or tech functions-it can also be weaponized and bring out chaos. Bring together your entire workforce to discuss the technicalities of Artificial Intelligence. Whether for data initiatives, upskilling your team, and your own cybersecurity adapting AI must be on your company’s “to-do list” this year. Now’s the time to start learning, testing, collaborating, and incorporating AI across your business.

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