Holla Helps Celebrities Go Digital

Celebrity engagement platform offers solutions for fans and businesses to engage their favourite people

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Malaysia’s No.1 celebrity engagement platform, hosted its inaugural industry event entitled "How Celebrities Go Digital." "It is our aim to be the go-to platform for celebrities who want to embrace digital solutions to build meaningful engagements with their fans," said Jonathan Seevaratnam, Executive Producer of Holla as he unveiled a series of new features such as Shoutouts, Hangouts and Holla for Businesses.

Holla Panel Session: How Celebrities Can Go Digital with Yasmin Yussuf, Gajen Nad, Gerard Singh. Moderated by Jonathan Seevaratnam.
Holla Panel Session: How Celebrities Can Go Digital with Yasmin Yussuf, Gajen Nad, Gerard Singh. Moderated by Jonathan Seevaratnam.

Holla aims to become the go-to platform for celebrity-fan engagement and digital gift giving. Fans will be able to request a Holla for any occasion: from major life moments like a birthday, anniversary or graduation, to trivial ones like an unexpected pick-me-up or even a prank. With this announcement, SMEs will be able to engage with celebrities with ease.

The platform’s rapidly growing roster of talent include celebrities from Universal Music Group and Tik Tok including Diana Danielle, Alvin Chong, Insomniaks, Meer Nash, Astrologer Wooby Gan, and DOLLA who was recently featured on Times Square in New York. Commenting on its partnership with Holla, Universal Music Malaysia Managing Director Kim Lim said, "We believe in Holla as a platform to help our celebrities reach their audience especially in this pandemic situation."

The newly launched Holla for Business will additionally allow SMEs and corporations to engage the celebrities on Holla to provide shoutouts and other engagements for their businesses. SMEs will be able to build their brand with celebrities. The event saw Holla announce its partnership with homegrown retail technology solutions provider Eatcosys Sdn. Bhd. to afford retail MSMEs celebrity engagement opportunities as part of their marketing and branding exercise.

"Our retailers and business partners will be able to leverage Holla’s network of celebrities and influencers as part of their content strategy to effectively attract, engage and interact with their audiences including new customers at an affordable price," notes Khalid Gibran, Eatcosys Executive Director. Through this partnership, Eatcosys’ network of 15,000 retailers will be able to book top Malaysian and International celebrities for shoutouts, event bookings and endorsements.

The event concluded with a panel session that featured former beauty queen, actress & singer Dato’ Yasmin Yusuff, emerging comedian Gajen Nad and Billboard listed singer-songwriter Gerard Singh discussing strategies for Celebrities to go digital in a post pandemic world. "The times are changing. If you don’t go digital you will be stuck in the analog world," said Dato’ Yasmin, who for many Malaysians was the voice of a generation in the late 1980’s to the early 2000s. "We need to adapt with the times and take advantage of these new tools that technology has created for us."

Fans can download Holla on Android and iOS devices or go to www.getHolla.com

About Holla!

Holla helps fans get up close and personal with their favorite people. From musicians, actors, influencers and creators – fans get a personalised video message for themselves or someone special. Fans can engage their favourite celebrities through Shoutouts, personalised video messages to Hangouts, live 1-1 calls with their favourite artists. Businesses can also book their favorite celebrities to create unique campaigns for their brands. Holla was developed by Remote Ventures.


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